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White Eagle On The Power Of Thought - Part One
White Eagle On The Power Of Thought - Part One

White Eagle On The Power Of Thought - Part One


The following was inspired by a quote from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the White Eagle calendar September 2011: ‘Thought is exceedingly powerful. All life is the result of thought. As you think, so you become and the way you think is constantly creating your life and your surroundings. And thinking peaceful thoughts is the secret of all human happiness.’

The essence of a teaching from ‘The Star Of The North’ January 2015: ‘Once a successful businessman arrived in the spirit world and when he was shown his new home, he was astonished to find that quite a large part of it was unfinished. The ministering Angel accompanying him said: ‘Do you notice that your home is incomplete?’ ‘Yes,’ replied the man, ‘I am very disappointed to find it that way.’ ‘The Angel responded with: ‘It reflects the spiritual aspect of your nature and that is easily neglected when you are running a business. Go forth into another lifetime, as soon as the opportunity is offered to you. This time choose an occupation in which you can attend sufficiently to the higher spiritual aspects of your being. Do your best to add some finishing touches to its structure, as that is the background of all your earthly activities. Take your chances and see what happens when you return to us at the end of that lifetime.’

‘The man thanked the Angel for the advice and followed it. Next time he returned to the spirit world he was delighted to find that a beautifully completed home was waiting for him.

‘This tale describes in a simple way how the life forces work and the infinite creative power of thought. Imagination and thoughts combined can create anything in your world as well as ours. As a result, every human being through their habitual thinking patterns have always been shaping the circumstances of their lives. In due course, you will find out for yourself that this is true and that the way you think, you and your surroundings become. The conditions and the environment you are presently in were created by your own thoughts and that applies to each one of you as much as to the whole of humankind and its world. The power of thought has created you in the first place and it.

‘Can you see how great and important the power of thought is? Knowing this lays into everyone’s own hands the power of doing their share of creating a more peaceful world, by nothing more spectacular than changing your thinking patterns. The power of thought cannot be over-emphasised. Most human beings believe that thinking is a very private pastime. They could not be more wrong. Your thoughts express themselves not only in your face, but also in the wellbeing of your body. They can even be recognised in your clothing, homes and businesses, in the way you walk and write and also in your aura. To us, your friends and helpers in the spirit world, your most secret thoughts are as if you were shouting them from the rooftops.

‘Never forget that thought can heal and create good health, but it can also inflict pain and be the cause of diseases, as well as disrupting and destroying human mental and soul life. Thought can do anything in your world and others. Thoughts of anger, fear and hatred are the root of all your world’s warmongering, violence and suffering. Yet, it is just as easy to create forth beauty, harmony and peace, feelings of kinship and everything else humankind has always longed for.

‘The scientists of your world are only on the outermost fringe of comprehending the power of thought. We are working with the positive and creative power of thought under all circumstances. When giving advice, it is always constructive because we really see nothing but good ahead of humankind. Some in your world consider this as foolishly optimistic; nonetheless it is the truth.

‘Everybody’s thoughts have the power of helping your world to find enlightenment. In days gone by, people gathered in temples and projected the light of the Christ Spirit to assist the evolution of life on the earthly plane. We are glad to see that for ever more of you this is happening again. May the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, bless every one of you and your world.’

Updated 19th November 2020

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19 Nov, 2020
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