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White Eagle On The Wesak Moon And Festival
White Eagle On The Wesak Moon And Festival

White Eagle On The Wesak Moon And Festival


White Eagle On The Wesak Moon And Festival

The Full Moon during the Sun’s transit of Taurus is known as the Wesak Moon and that always an extra special event in our world’s spiritual calendar. In the year 2019 it takes place on Saturday 18th May at 21.11 hours GMT. The following is the essence of several teachings on this theme from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. The first one is from ‘The Vibration of Light’ Stella Polaris June/July 2006:

‘There is nothing new under the Sun and anywhere in the whole of Creation that has not happened before. God’s truth was in the beginning and is as valid now as it will be forever. During Mother Earth’s protracted evolutionary process certain cycles of light have come round time and again. The higher esoteric meaning of the word ‘light’ is the wisdom of spiritual understanding. At certain intervals of humankind’s development there comes a fresh release of this kind of light to bring illumination to those who are ready to receive it. As if from great transmitter stations on the higher planes it flows into earthly life in the form of knowledge and wisdom that quickens people’s intelligence and opens their comprehension for the parts of wisdom that, for wise higher reasons, up to that time had to remain hidden from public view. This applies as much to secrets about your environment as your own inner being.’

White Eagle ‘The Festival of Wesak’ Stella Polaris April/May 2006: ‘Can you perceive that every bit of evil and suffering of your world has been caused by what merely on the surface of things appears to be people’s selfishness, though in truth it has been part of the lessons every human being has to take part in during its lifetimes on the Earth. On the deepest innermost level all souls are yearning to be released from this state of their development. The suffering of your world makes souls cry out and increases their yearning that humankind’s homecoming into the awareness of its true nature being speeded up. Every soul knows that the next stage of humankind’s development consists of merging together into one single unit of siblinghood that is connected in friendship with every lifeform.

‘This is how it comes about that, what once started as a journey of spiritual infants descending into the exploration of the lowest and darkest corners of earthly life, eventually ends with each one of you kneeling before the throne of the Highest. You will then have evolved into mature and responsible spiritual adulthood of which the wise ones in charge of you will rightly be proud. Quite likely we shall allow you to join our ranks if you apply for an apprenticeship.

‘Doubtless these things are difficult for you to imagine at present, but try to look the right way, i.e. the higher spiritual one, at everything that has always happened in your world and is doing so in many parts of your world to this day. Each time your soul is born into another lifetime on the Earth, it is nailed to the cross of earthly life, the oldest symbol known to humankind of its existence in physicality. Your whole race, as one entity is also fastened to this cross and each one of you, who is presently taking part in it, has been granted the gift of another lifetime for getting to know God’s true nature and your own, and that everything that has ever taken place on the Earth is an essential part of humankind’s individual and collective evolutionary process, in the material as well as the spiritual sense. You are then ready to share your knowledge with as many as possible of your siblings in the great family of humankind.

‘Whatever you do, refuse to fight against anything. Listen to your inner guidance and go with the flow. That is the best way of learning to live in harmony with God’s laws and all life, and for you there will be no more suffering. The Jesus legend’s crucifixion story provides you with a demonstration of this. If Jesus had been a man, he would not have been present when his physical body was crucified. His spirit and soul would withdraw from the scene and observe it from the perspective of the highest levels of life. That’s how all of you eventually learn how to treat your own problems and troubles, as well as those of your whole world.

‘Resist being crucified and tortured by anything. Instead view your life and everything in it from the perspective of your Highest or God Self. This empowers you to lift yourself above the tests and trials of earthly life that are still in store for you, because of the Karma you once created. Do not forget to look for the learning that is meant to be drawn from every situation. Recognise things for what they truly are, namely personal and collective evolutionary lessons and development phases that will most surely pass. This attitude helps you to rise above and cope with any problem you encounter, for you are then viewing it dispassionately through the eyes of your Highest Self, with whom you are ever more growing into one.

‘Not only every individual spirit and soul but humankind as a whole goes through the various initiations that are depicted by the story of the events of Jesus’ life. Each one of you at its own pace is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. This happens slowly and by degrees, and at certain points on this journey you reach another initiation. Each one of them expands your consciousness and advances you one more big step towards your final goal of spiritual emancipation. The more your God-likeness increases, the more you are consciously aware of your oneness with your Creator. In similar manner this also happens to your planet and your world as a whole.’

White Eagle in ‘The Pathway of the Sun’: ‘The Wesak Festival is a period of stillness and preparation of mind and heart for the next great spiritual outpouring, the Christ festival, which takes place at the full Moon during the Sun’s transit through Gemini. In a ceremony that is as old as the Earth, a festival is held in the highest spirit realms when the Lord/Lady Christ appears among Its disciples. Disciples are all those who have surrendered their whole being to the Christ Spirit and whose hearts and minds are therefore open to receive It’s blessings. Those whose every cell and atom of their whole being, mind and body, spirit and soul, are healed together and harmoniously functioning as one have evolved into Christed ones in their own right. Each time they are tuning the receiver/transmitter stations of their earthly minds into the Christ vibrations on the highest levels, they are acting as Its channels. The blessing and healing power of the Christ Spirit then flows through them into the whole of Creation. This includes a powerful outpouring of love and light, wisdom and truth for Mother Earth and all her kingdoms. It pours fresh spiritual nourishment into humankind.

‘At certain times every year it is easier for earthlings to respond to and absorb such vibrations. When you do, they speed up and raise the rate of your own emanations. One of these periods is the Wesak festival, when you and we, on the other side of the veil that separates our two worlds, together take part in the outpouring of the Buddha energies. The Buddha is a symbol for the Divine aspect that feels deep compassion for the suffering of the whole of humankind has to endure, individually and collectively, in the course of its earthly education.

‘Because every one of the powers and characteristics that are in God are also in us, the Buddha aspect is also part of every human being, even though in many it has not yet woken from its slumber. The legend surrounding the Buddha tells you that he came to the Earth plane from another world, a heavenly planet – a metaphor for the highest levels of life –, to bring the gifts of wisdom and peace to relieve the suffering that is part of everyone’s earthly education. The Buddha energies, when they are flowing into earthly life, quicken humankind’s desire for wisdom and peace, siblinghood and love towards the whole of Mother Earth’s kingdoms, and in particular the human race.’

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16 May, 2019
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