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White Magic and Black Magic
White Magic and Black Magic

White Magic and Black Magic

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White Magic And Black Magic

God’s nature and our own is one of duality. Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, highest and lowest, Heaven and Earth and so forth. The world around us reflects these dualities and polarities. It is a realm of ideas and every one of them has a lower and higher, positive and negative aspect, and can be used for good or evil purposes. The choice is ours which side we would like to align ourselves to. Learning about the abuse of the idea of brotherhood – I prefer the words kinship or siblinghood, whilst in pursuit of power, has always been part of the equipment used by every regime our world has ever seen, religious and otherwise, at least during the history that is known to us. It is used by the countries and organisations that to this day attempt – and in many cases so far succeed – to suppress the natural and God-given rights and privileges of their siblings in the great family of humankind.

The centuries old struggle between Christianity and Islam has always been but one of the many expressions of this struggle. Yet, even this can only continue for as long as the members of the warring factions on both sides remain stuck in the past, unaware. of their true nature and therefore failing to grasp the reason why they are here. There is no doubt in my mind that this too will eventually have run its course and disappear from our world. It will do so with the passing of time when every one of the belief systems that still exists in our world returns to their common spiritual roots, when people become aware of their true nature and their relationship with the Divine. All of us will then realise that in truth there is only one God to whom the various religions have been praying in different ways. There could be no better example for this than Sufism, the seed faith of Islam that comes from the heart and teaches tolerance, love and respect for ourselves, each other and all life. The Sufis are the Gnostics of the Islamic world.

We are all in this wonderful school of life together, so that we may act both as teachers and pupils to each other. For this purpose some of us, at any given time, may find themselves at the giving and others at the receiving end of every type of experience. Good, bad and indifferent ones alike, each one is only there to teach us something. That is the only way every soul can imbibe the lessons it requires on its evolutionary pathway back home into the awareness of its true reality and the oneness with God.

The teacher/pupil principle is also true for those who to this day are doing their utmost to lead us and our world down the slippery slope of warmongering and evil. Whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, all evil deeds create alliances with the dark forces of the Universe and are in fact black magic practises. The sole purpose of these experiences is to help us and our world to differentiate between darkness and light, good and evil. The lessons of evil have to be absorbed as thoroughly by each one of us as the ones of good. Only by each one of us personally wading through the suffering that is created by evil can every individual soul and the soul of our world reach the bottom of the pit of evil.

Not until we have learnt our lesson and in our desperation at last turn to God and the Angels to ask for their assistance, are they willing to show us how to find the turning point of our development. In the end all human souls through their own experiences have to reach the bottom of the evolutionary spiral of life. Only then can they begin to move in an upwards direction that consist of experiencing the polar opposite of evil in the compassion, tolerance and kindness of Universal love, again at the giving and the receiving end.

The zodiac with its opposing signs and houses and their energies clearly depicts every soul’s evolutionary pathway through life. It is a spiral that first takes us down to experience and become familiar with the negative aspects of each sign and then gradually upwards so that we can make their higher and highest qualities our own. The zodiac is a symbol of the wheel of life or fortune. Round and round we go on this wheel, one lifetime after another. The negative Karma accrued on the downwards slope has to be made good and redeemed on the upwards one, until the balance of our spiritual account in the great book of life has been restored. That in a nutshell is the road from sinner to sainthood, which every soul on its evolutionary pathway is constantly travelling.

And when the going gets too touch, anyone who reaches out for the blessing and healing hands of God and the Angels and prays for their assistance, does receive it. Our pleas align us to the Universal forces of goodness and light. When we respond in the right way to what the Highest are bringing us, with the passing of time we evolve into ever more capable channels of light who can act as lightbringers and healers for our whole world. We become valuable instruments in the hands of the Divine forces, and when they work through us we are taking part in and practising white magic. As increasing amounts of spiritual wisdom and understanding flow through us onto the Earth plane and ever more of those around us are waking up to their true nature, they too begin to feel drawn quite naturally into the energies of the higher stream of life.

That is how down the ages every individual consciousness and that of our world has slowly but surely been expanding and growing. It is a process that will continue until every last shred of darkness and evil in our world has been dissolved, uplifted and transmuted by the forces of goodness and light into blessing, healing and harmonising energies for all. And when finally every one of us on the Earth plane is operating on the same positive wavelength, peace and goodwill to all life will once more reign.

All of us together are responsible not only for our own development but also for that of our world. The right way of making a valid contribution towards achieving this state of affairs is by living not merely to enjoy ourselves, but for the beautification and benefit of our planet. Even the smallest of efforts in that direction by any one of us moves the spiritual evolution of the whole of Creation forwards and upwards. Every individual can do a great deal to help the highest forces with their work of raising the vibrations of our whole planet and all its inhabitants.

As aspiring lightbringers and healers we know that humankind, individually and collectively, has never struggled up the evolutionary spiral of life on its own. It is our task to draw the attention of ever more of those around us to this facts, so they too become aware of the spiritual powers that are constantly toiling on our race’s behalf behind the scenes of earthly life. When we make an effort to think and act in positive and constructive ways only, we are living as a good example that others may wish to follow. At the same time this is a way of training our spiritual listening to the words of power and love, wisdom and truth which the Highest Forces of life are broadcasting ever more forcefully into the consciousness of our world.

Finding our way back into the conscious awareness on all levels of our being that all life is one and that everything is in siblinghood and relationship with everything else in the whole of Creation, including the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, is the whole purpose of every soul’s earthly existence. This means shedding our sense of separateness and returning into the conscious awareness of our wholeness and at-one-ment with all life. That is the ultimate aim for all human souls which gains us access to the realm of white magic. When we finally are in complete harmony and siblinghood with all life and the love in our heart for our Creator and all life has become great enough, all power and life on the Earth and its surrounding spheres can use us. And we shall then be able to make wise, respectful and sensible use of the white magic.

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20 Nov, 2018
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