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Who Are the Children
Who Are the Children

Who Are the Children

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The children born of all sins: out of wedlock, infidelity, immaturity, and even rape

And those born out of love overflowed

All gifts, ask anyone with a religion

Wrapped in skin

Meant to be unfolded but instead we are molded

Your ideals impressed upon us, your utopia embodied.

You take a chance on this blank slate you are given.

Told if it's done right, it'll be worth it.

We are your chosen burdens

Money, time, sleep, and sanity in exchange for a legacy.

Opportunities paved and slaved for us. We are your investments

The sleepless nights and tantrums for the "ooh's, ah's and all the applause.

Yes, we give you your grey hairs and worry lines

But look no further for immortality

For you will forever live on in our memories

And you shall bleed into every relationship, every thought, and into the lives of our very own gifts

So, let me ask you this. Did you give us the gift of life or were you yourselves given the gift?

Author Notes: Not necessarily my personal beliefs on what it means to be a parent or what I believe most parents' motives are.

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30 Oct, 2018
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