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Who Are You
Who Are You

Who Are You

2 Reviews

I have a question for everyone that is reading this. Who are you? Most importantly Who am I? I am just a highschooler but I am different than everyone else. For example I am a bookworm. I love books and stories but most don’t at my school. I mean it’s fucking America: land of the brave, I grew up is a not so good place. I realized that everyone has something that is different about them. I won’t go into this too much but it is important to know who you are because who you are changes your life. So who are you? The girl that sits alone, or the one doesn't care about what people say. Are you a boy that is too scared to ask her out or are you the one that isn’t afraid of rejection? No matter what you do it’s about who you are. I am saying this once be a badass and don’t take anybody’s shit. This is you. Well it’s more me but this can be you. So go out there and be a badass.

Author Notes: Tell me the truth Who are you?

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4 Mar, 2020
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