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Who Did It? : Chapter 1
Who Did It? : Chapter 1

Who Did It? : Chapter 1

Kat_DickensKat Dickens
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My life is boring, I live in a boring town, I go to a boring school (though to be fair most of them are), my friends are kinda boring (but you did not hear that from me.), so all in all my life is boring! Or at least it was until last friday...

It was the last day of school, and I was so ready to be out of school, because summer is the least boring part of my life. I was in my last class and there was only a minute on the clock, and I could not help but watch the time tick away till I would finally be free. I also could not help but day dream about all the fun things I planed to do this summer. That when she striked...

"Sam, are you listening, I just asked you what the answer to problem number 120 was", my mean teacher, Miss Smith snaped. It was the last minute of school but she still insisted on trying to teach us something! I looked down from the clock to my annoyed teacher's face. And I was just about to ask what the problem was, even though that would land me in a big lecture, about paying attention in class, when the bell rang.


I imedially gathered up my stuff, and before Miss Smith could say anything else, I raced out the door. And in an second I was out side of the school, and on the way home. (I walk home sense my house is like right next to the school. Anouther boring part of my life!) I was so ready for summer, I had all sort of plans, like swiming every day in my pool, go to the movies with my best friends, Nicky, and Rachel once a week, and that was only the beging, becuase it was summer for crying out loud! And I could not wait to begin!

Author Notes: So it has not got to the mystery part soon but it will I promise, and also if you read it please rate, I really need some feed back!

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About The Author
Kat Dickens
About This Story
8 May, 2020
Read Time
1 min
4.5 (2 reviews)

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