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Who Is Really In Charge Of Our World?
Who Is Really In Charge Of Our World?

Who Is Really In Charge Of Our World?


Who Is Really In Charge Of Our World?

Part One

The Angelic hierarchy and the Masters around the Christ Circle or throne of God are the executors of the Divine great plan of life. They are responsible for the individual and collective evolutionary development, physically and spiritually, of every form of life that exists throughout the whole of the created world, including you and me. Assisted by countless numbers of spirit guides and helpers on the many different levels of life, these beings are the ones who are truly in charge of us and our world. And because they are as much part of us as we are part of them, none of us is ever truly alone. They are constantly with us and on the alert to assist whenever one of us is struggling with finding a solution for the problems that present themselves in our earthly existence. Because they are part of God, the same as every human being, they also are very powerful and wise. Their nature is love and those assigned to us and our world are totally and unconditionally devoted to their service to the Highest.

These spirit friends and helpers are the invisible eye that never sleeps. Spirit has no need for sleeping and resting, the way we do. Only physical bodies get tired and need sufficient rest to be refreshed and recharged. This is what happens each time we return to our true home in dreamtime. Every moment the invisible eyes are watching, observing and assessing what degree of spiritual awareness we have reached. It reveals itself through our actions and reactions in every one of our daily encounters.

Our spirit guides care for and look after every one of us. Their work consists of supporting us and providing us with the courage and strength we need to deal with the obstacles every earthling is bound to encounter from time to time on our pathway through life. Without these hurdles there would be no way of making the progress that can potentially be made. Removing them would stop the individual’s march forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life as well as that of our whole race.

Whenever difficult relationships and situations have to be dealt with, our spirit and soul enjoy the sense of achievement their earthly self feels for having resolved one of its outstanding issues. Besides, how much would we be able to learn if our problems were simply removed? God and the Angels communicate with us intuitively. They are the living God within, the inner teacher, through whose guidance the joy of discovering ever more of the essential truths God and about the processes of life is waiting in every human being.

When the time is right, it wakes from its slumber and stirs into action. Through the wisdom we then start to gain along the pathway of our earthly existence, we find a renewed understanding of the purpose and meaning of all life. With this our consciousness expands and our inner vision improves. The light of love that radiates from our heart into our world gradually grows brighter and our spirit/soul rejoices about its earthly self’s homecoming into its true nature.

A bit more growth takes place every time we come across another new nugget of God’s sacred wisdom and truth that our inner guidance declares to be worthy of becoming part of our truth by responding with: ‘Yes, this is true!’ The same happens each time we establish contact with the higher and highest levels of life. During the initial stages of our earthly education they are hidden from our view and knowledge. But as we move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, the vision of God’s great plan of life unfolds before our inner eyes and that not only in fleeting moments of recognition. In response spirit/soul spontaneously overflows with heartfelt praise and thanksgiving for the wisdom and love of the Great White Spirit, the Father/Mother of the whole of Creation.

The work of our spirit guides has but one purpose and that is helping us earthlings to find a better understanding of our present existence and discover the realms that lie behind and beyond it. Helpers on the lower levels at any given time are bringing us the parts of God’s light in the form of spiritual wisdom and truth that are revealed to them by the Angels and Masters on the highest level of life. All of them together have for a long time been toiling to provide us with an increasingly bright view of our existence. Their aim is to gradually eliminate the outdated dark one that left little or no room for hope and optimism that, if we behaved the right way in thoughts, words and actions, a better future would eventually be reached for every individual and our whole world.

Our spirit helpers’ main task is encouraging us to peer beyond the ends of our noses onto the distant horizons of the spirit realm, humankind’s true home. They come to tell us that the goal of every human being, who is presently taking part in earthly life, is to grow in wisdom and understanding. Through bringing forth, each from within the very core of their own being, the characteristics of their higher or Christ nature, with the passing of time we slowly but surely evolved into an ever more God-like being. To enable us to do our share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth, we need to develop the highest human qualities. Through wisely using them for the highest good and the greatest joy of all, instead of pursuing selfish aims, we then manifest the will and power of the Great Father as well as the wisdom and love of the Great Mother, right here and now.

The Universal laws cannot be turned off ever and even if it were possible, it would defeat the object of the whole enterprise. So let no-one run away with the idea that we have ever been allowed to do as we please in earthly life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whatever is projected into our world by anyone must return to its sender in due course. And because that which is sent joins the stream of consciousness that matches its vibrations, this always happens in a somewhat strengthened form.

The illusion of getting away with things is necessary for the early stages of our earthly education. The Universal Forces then provide us with more or less whatever our hearts desire, but even only within reasonable boundaries. It most certainly has never been part of God’s great plan of life that this state of affairs should continue forever. Far from it! Now that the Aquarian Age is with us, this developmental phase has run its course and many of us have already moved into the next one.

Earthly life is just like any educational institution of our world. As soon as one lesson has been learnt satisfactorily, its scholars are required to move on. Depleting our planet of too many of its precious resources has been an essential part of our early curriculum. The second stage consists of assisting Mother Earth to restore, regenerate and heal herself. Those who have matured into spiritual adulthood, have no problems recognising what kind of damage was done to her in the past and the way many of our younger siblings still insist on continuing with such destructive habits. The way we react to their actions reveals to the wise ones in charge of us and our world how well we are handling the work of being one of our planet’s guardians and safekeepers.

Once our planet’s transformation is complete, young and inexperienced spirit/souls who are unready for getting on with this task will not be allowed to reincarnate onto the Earth. In the natural course of events they will in due course be removed from this plane and there is no need to worry about them. They too will be taken care of by reincarnating onto a much younger and less highly evolved planet, where their education of life in physicality continues. There they will be taking an active part in planet’s colonisation by acting as pioneers, wayfinders and trendsetters for even less highly evolved who are following behind. Read more about this with the help of the respective link below.

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7 Dec, 2018
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