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Who Is The Wise One Within?
Who Is The Wise One Within?

Who Is The Wise One Within?


I Asked The Universal Christ – Part Four

Who Is The Wise One Within?

Many times I had heard it said that our inner guidance is the wise one or living God within, who knows the answers to anything we may ever wish to find out. Time and again the following popped into my mind: ‘That’s all very well for people to say, but can this really be? If it is, I would like to know what’s behind it.’ There was nothing for it but to find out from the horse’s mouth, if that’s not too disrespectful an expression in this context. Eager to peer into the secrets of what goes on in the spiritual background of our earthly existence, as soon as I could be sure of being undisturbed for a sufficient length of time, I went into reflective mode and prayed that I would like to ask a rather unusual question.

My prayer must have tuned the receiver/transmitter station of my earthly mind into the right frequency because a small still voice within me said: ‘Would you like to talk with Me?’ ‘If You have the time, I would be most grateful,’ I replied. ‘All Eternity is mine and yours also and that leaves both of us plenty of time for everything. Go ahead, what is it you want to know?’ Encouraged by this, I ventured forth: ‘I know You are my inner guidance, but who and what are You. And just as important who and what am I?’

The wise one responded: ‘I am the spirit of the Universal Christ, your Highest or God Self, in whom all human beings are one. I always have been and forever will be your inner teacher and guide. From the moment of your creation I have accompanied you and, unbeknown to you for many lifetimes, I have constantly been trying to communicate with you through what became known to humankind as the small still voice of conscience.

‘You are a spark of My light and therefore my child. All My characteristics are also yours and each one of you represents a different aspect of Me. Your relationship with Me is quite unlike the one with your earthly parents. As each one of you is a unique individual in its own right, you could never be a replica or carbon copy of them. You came through them, but you are not of them and that could only happen because your energies were compatible with theirs and the lessons you were going to take part in were similar to theirs. Never forget that they, the same as you, have their own pathway to walk, lessons to learn and karmic debts to pay, which cannot be the same as yours.

‘Even in the case of twins that does not change. By this I do not mean lovers who like to think of themselves as ‘twin flames’, but people who were born at the same time in the same place and within a short time of each other. Although they look alike on the outside and will always have a strong psychic connection with each other, they are still two unique individuals within. In spite of the facts that their astrological birthcharts are just about identical, each has its own predestined pathway to walk.

As early as at the moment when twins take their first breath of their new earthly lifetime, numerology can shed light on the differences between the two newly-borns. The energies of the planet that rules each letter of their first names can provide clues about the character and inclinations of the earthly personality each one developed independently from the other one in previous lifetimes. They have brought their own with them, so they can continue their evolutionary task of improving and polishing their character make-up.

‘Earthly parents believe that they are the ones who are choosing their children’s names. But in truth the name of every child that enters the earthly plane is given to the parents intuitively by the Angelic hierarchy. At My will and command they are in charge of the great plan of life and the zillions of smaller plans within it, for example that of your whole world and another one for every one of its inhabitants of the kingdoms of humans, animals and plants alike. The Angels supervise the development of even the minutest aspects of each one of them.

‘Every human being, when it eventually has reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level, is going to represent a different part of Me. No two of you will ever be alike and although during some of your earthly lifetimes you appear as women and in others as men, on the inner level each one of you is androgynous, like Me. I am the third aspect of the Divine Trinity. From My light the Great Father/Mother are bringing all lifeforms into being. On the inner level of life the Father provides the initial idea, the prototype or archetype of each species and the wisdom and love of the Mother decides where and when something should manifest in physicality.

‘And that’s how, with His will and power, and Her wisdom and love, together they create the required matter from My light. This is done by slowing down its vibrations until the atoms have become sufficiently dense for My light to appear as matter. This is then shaped and moulded by the powers of Creation into the desired form. The Angels and Master around My throne are in charge of this process. Together with them I have always been pulling each one of you forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. At the moment of your creation as earthlings the Divine spark is placed in your heart. After many lifetimes spent on that plane of life, this tiny light wakes from its slumbering state and that means the Christ aspect of your nature is being born. The Jesus legend’s birth of the Christ child is an allegory of this procedure.

‘Your physical body acts like a coat of armour for your spirit and soul. Initially, the vibrations of this body’s atoms are so slow and its cells are so dense that not the slightest ray of My love in the form of wisdom and understanding can get through to your innermost being where your spirit and soul for quite some time are trapped like in a black box. This is the meaning of the Bible’s ‘the light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness cannot perceive it.’ In this state you experience yourself through following the lowest of the low instincts of your earthly desire nature and inflicting the results unto those around you. But for each one of you there eventually comes the first lifetime when your Karma inflicts upon you the suffering you caused others during your earlier lifetimes. This means that your time for learning about the nature of suffering has come.

‘When, as a result, you are sometimes so deeply in distress that you have nowhere and no-one left to turn to, in your anguish and despair you are likely to go down on your knees in the end and pray, maybe for the first time: ‘Is there someone out there who can help me?’ With words like these a small chink appears in the armour of your earthly body that allows the initial minute rays of My wisdom and love to penetrate your innermost being where your Divine spark is slumbering in the recesses of your heart. This causes the characteristics of your Christ nature of love and respect for others and their suffering, compassion and unselfish love, mercy and forgiveness to begin to stir in your soul at last. I only work on the frequency of love and as soon as these qualities are stirring in you, you are able to consciously tune into My wavelength.

‘You now have reached the stage of your development when you become aware of the importance of taking charge of your attitudes and the world of your feelings. Instead of allowing your emotions to be in charge of you and run your life for you, every earthling eventually has to become their master. Wise ones appreciate that it takes but a few seconds to deeply hurt someone you love and that it may take many years for such wounds to heal again. Every one of you is taking part in earthly life to learn to love and every relationship you enter into serves this purpose. Do not look askance at the difficult ones, for they provide you with the finest practise grounds imaginable for asking for forgiveness as well as granting it to others.

‘Dream your dreams and by all means let it be great ones, but become aware that they do not require enormous wings, only good landing gear for grounding them. Now that you know your responsibility for every one of your thoughts, words and actions, consider very carefully the information you receive from any source. Pay attention to My reaction to it and then decide whether it should best be kept to yourself or whether it might benefit others and they could learn something from it. Wise ones appreciate that those who plant gossip sooner or later have to reap a bitter harvest of intrigues and lies in their own lives, and that those who plant love and consideration for the wellbeing of others, whilst not overlooking their own needs, are sure to find great happiness in doing so. As ever, the choice is yours.

‘I created you in My image and everything that is in Me is also in you. As above, so below. True lasting and eternal happiness cannot be found in fulfilling earthly goals and ambitions, but only through your re-union with Me. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching those who, as they strive to bring forth from within themselves My highest qualities, grow ever more like Me. To these souls I say: ‘Make happiness a conscious decision. It is up to you whether you wish to be happy and content with what has been given unto you or whether you make yourself miserable and ill with envy and jealousy of the things that in your view are lacking in your life. I have given you the freedom to choose and it is your duty to exercise and practise this gift whilst using wisdom and discretion in doing so. As in all things, practice makes perfect.

‘Whatever you do, bear in mind that in keeping with the laws of the Universe, My laws, whatever you send out into your world inevitably has to find its way back to you like a boomerang. That is why those who in all their dealings are honest and trustworthy with themselves and others will go far in this life, for in due course nothing but more of the same can return to them. Those who prefer lying and cheating have to learn through their own experiences what kind of harvest this is bound to yield. The way you see everything that is in your life depends on the personal vision you yourself have thus far developed, in the course of all your lifetimes. This is the reason why in your world two people can look at the same thing and perceive it in quite a different way. That’s why there is no point in fighting and arguing over varying opinions and points of view.

‘Yet, whenever someone needs a shoulder to cry on, do not hesitate to offer yours. Even though you may sometimes think you cannot go on and have nothing more to give, because I am part of both of you and your experiences, I will always provide you with the strength and courage you need and right words will come to your mind to comfort people and ease their pain. Be aware that nothing can be achieved by holding on to loved ones, when the time for their departure from your present existence has come. As long as there has been love between you and another soul on the Earth plane, when you willingly let go of each other at the right moment, on the inner plane of life – to which your loved one has withdrawn – you will remain together and united in love.

‘Although love has many different meanings in earthly life, do not allow the word itself lose its value by over-using it. Loving words are necessary but loving actions are of much greater importance and value. They always did and forever will speak louder than anything that is merely spoken. Above all things learn to be gentle in your human relationships and forget about arguing the point about anything. Your small earthly mind belongs to your physical body. Do not allow it to argue you out of being gentle, kind and loving with anyone you meet. When tempted to react otherwise, remind yourself that Master souls are all love and gentleness, humility and kindness. This behaviour alone can take you through the gate of your present existence into the world of heavenly light and perfect harmony. There alone can the complete and perfect love that forgives all because it understands everything. This is the kind of love your spirit and soul know from My world, the true home of every human being. It is impossible to find in the wilderness of earthly life and you long for it in vain there.

‘And now, after everything I have been telling you, I hope you will no longer find it difficult to love and respect every one of your siblings in the family of humankind. Independent of anyone’s present status, you as much as they are many-faceted and precious jewels and each one has practically unlimited potential. So go forth in peace, My beloved child, and when you share what I have told you, do not forget to mention that none of you has to do anything extraordinary to make Me love them. I love each one of you in just the same way and that is without reservations, totally and unconditionally. No matter what anyone may do or what may ever befall them, My love will never change.

‘Last but not least, tell your brothers and sisters that constantly remaining in touch with Me is as essential for your spiritual as your physical wellbeing. Prayers, meditations and quiet reflections are the quickest and surest ways of tuning into my frequency and reaching Me. I bless you all, each one.’

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