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Who They Are
Who They Are

Who They Are


What makes you smile? What makes you cry? The answer should be easy. It is the people in our life that makes us smile or cry. It is how they are always there for you, It is how they break your heart and leave. The people in our lives are what makes us. They teach us different lessons in life. They show us parts about ourselves we didn't know existed. They bring us joy, sadness, hope, anxity, and more emotions then we know of. They drive us crazy yet make us laugh. You see the people I am reffering to our family and friends. It is because of them you are who you are.

Family loves you no matter what. They tech you how to grow into an adult. Friends stand with you. They teach you how to be yourself around others. Both make you smile and laugh at yourself. Both teach us life lessons that we need. It is because of them we smile and cry. It is because of them we enjoy life.


"Surround yourself with family and friends and you will always smile"


Author Notes: I hope you enjoy.

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19 Nov, 2020
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