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Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?


Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Bad things happen to good people because we are part of God and co-creators with God, each one of us is personally responsible for themselves and every one of their thoughts, words and actions. And because we and our world are as much affected by the Universal laws as the rest of God’s Creation, whatever any one of us sends out into the Universe in some form inevitably finds its way back to its sender. With the unerring ability of a boomerang it does this either in this lifetime or in a future one. The awareness of this puts the solution to all problems, our own and those of our world, into everybody’s own hands. If we dream of a more peaceful world, it’s up to us to think of ways of making it so by living in peace and harmony with the Divine laws.

If there was no great plan of life and no Universal laws to which everything in the whole of Creation is subject, there might not be any reason why bad things would happen to good people. But there is a plan, a great one as well as one for each individual life, and the laws exist. Denying their presence or merely being unaware of it cannot make them disappear. The Universal law of Karma, also known as the law of cause of effect, is the reason why bad things may have to happen to even the best behaved people from time to time. To ensure that nothing in the whole of Creation can ever be truly lost in the vastness of space and time, this law decrees that everything must eventually find its way back to where it came from.

The law of Karma is part of another Universal law that everything in the whole of Creation has to balance. This is quite clearly shown by the opposing forces of masculine and feminine, positive and negative, darkness and light, and so forth that are at work everywhere within us and our world. This is how it comes about that, if in our present lifetime we are an exceptionally good person, it is highly likely that in previous lives we were someone extremely bad and evil. Each time we arrive for rest and recuperation in the world of light, hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of us, we are presented with images of the experiences of past lifetimes. No-one forces us to return to earthly life, but to create the required balance in the greater scheme of life and our spiritual bankbook, together with the wise ones we ourselves decide and if we choose another one, it is up to us what kind of a life it should be.

There are people who pride themselves to be among the nastiest and most unpleasant people around. Those who fall into this trap, without fail will have to reap the fruits of the seeds they are presently sowing in one of their coming lifetimes. The things they are dishing out now as sure as houses will then be returning to them in the form of being treated in offending and painful ways by others. Aware that this is the case, wise ones refuse to grumble when this happens to them or any other kind of misfortune befalls them. They go with the flow and do their best, never giving up hope that their karmic debts will eventually have been paid.

If health problems of some kind are part of their lesson, wise ones trust that with the help and will of God and the Angels all conditions really can be healed. They live in hope that one fine day they will be living proof of this. Aware that they themselves created the underlying cause of their condition in previous lifetimes, they feel no need to complain and ask: ‘Why me?’ Instead, they first forgive those who trespass against them and then they also forgive themselves for having created the necessity for this kind of lesson. By going with the flow, accepting without complaint what comes whilst continuing to be good, kind and loving, regardless of the events in their lives, such people redeem themselves and the balance of their spiritual account is restored.

Everything in the whole of Creation, including you and me, is always at its highest evolutionary point. At any given moment, our consciousness consists of the sum total of all the wisdom we have gained from every one of our experiences and that in the course of innumerable lifetimes. The way we perceive ourselves, our inner motivations, desires and our existence within the greater scheme of life depends on the degree of understanding we have reached. This also applies to our beliefs, spiritual, religious and whatever else and it is up to us individually to come to terms with and make peace with our existence within the Universe.

All of us have been placed in earthly life to evolve into seekers of wisdom and the truth about everything. Nobody can force us to believe anything. We are free to choose what we can and wish to believe. But how can we tell the truth from a lie? Because at all times our inner self is giving us feedback of some kind, it’s really quite simple. Whenever something we read or hear is true, it tells us through feelings that rise from the innermost core of our being and say: ‘Yes, this makes sense. It is true.’ or ‘No, this is nonsense. Leave it alone, it’s not for you.’

We are here together so we can assist each other to find our own way back to our Source, to God – whoever and whatever that may mean to you at present. We have come to develop a philosophy of life that is uniquely our own and can sustain and support us through the inevitable ups and downs that are an essential part of every soul’s life earthly education. My writings are attempts at helping you to find yours, so that you may grow into a healer and lightbringer in your own right. Every one of us is eventually called upon by the Highest Forces to become one of those. Each has to do their share of building the bridges that consist of the wisdom and knowledge the Aquarian Age is bringing us, to replace that which is outdated and no longer valid in the old religions and belief systems of our world.

For wise ones arguing, quarrelling and fighting over the beliefs that have been and to this in some places still are separating one part of the human race from another, is definitely the way of the past. The rest of our world will soon follow, of that I am sure. Bearing in mind that thinking is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and that our thoughts have the power to constantly create and re-create our reality, let’s sow good seeds by frequently thinking of and dreaming about Mother Earth as a place where all live and work peacefully and harmoniously together.

Wise ones don’t reject any of the existing belief systems. Instead, they embrace them all and go in search of the golden nuggets of wisdom and truth which each one of them has always contained, in one form or another. The peacemakers of our world are those who prefer focussing on that which we all have in common and what unites us, to the things that have kept us away from each other for far too long.

But what happens when our heart is filled with good intentions and we try to do something good for someone and they reject it out of hand, maybe throw it back at us in an act of anger and aggression? As long as we do our best in all sincerity and with love and compassion for the other one rather than trying to gain some kind of advantage for ourselves, our vibrations in some mysterious way penetrate the aura of the other one. No kindness or love is ever lost and there will probably come a moment when what we said or did comes to their mind and they begin to understand and in this way it will be doing them some good, after all.

We are creative beings, co-creators with God and constantly in the process of bringing something into being. Anything we send out into our world in thought, word and deed is a creative force that is alive and will act in the fullness time, the good and positive, as well as the bad and negative, by returning to us. That’s how it comes about that any kind of bread and nourishment we cast on the waters of life eventually returns to us in some form, though hardly ever through the person who received our gift.

Who is blind?
The one who cannot perceive another world.
Who is dumb?
The one who cannot speak a word of love at the right time.
Who is poor?
The one who is plagued by too many desires.
Who is rich?
The one whose heart is contented.


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