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Why Is Earth Life Necessary?
Why Is Earth Life Necessary?

Why Is Earth Life Necessary?


Why Is Earth Life Necessary?

When one takes a good look at our world, one cannot help asking occasionally: ‘Is life on the Earth really necessary and if so, why does it sometimes have to be so hard and cruel, tough and demanding? Who would we be to doubt and argue with our Creator’s wisdom? Yet, we are not only allowed to ask searching and awkward questions, we are meant to do just that. If we wish to find truth, the more we query things the better. After all, we are in this life to re-discover to rediscover our true nature as a child of God, a spark of the Divine and a young God in the making, and that therefore the characteristics, energies and powers that are in God are also in us. It is only when one has become aware that this is so that one can begin to make a conscious effort at learning to use these things wisely.

Because on the inner level all life is one, the illusion of life in physicality was necessary. It was an instrument for helping us to become aware of the fact that, although each one of us is a spark of the Divine and a child of God, and therefore a highly gifted and creative being, all of us are also individuals. That is why, when we as a race had reached a certain stage in our development, the infinite wisdom of our Father/Mother Creator decreed that the time had come for us to begin to realise that each one of us is a unique and precious, and also a separate and individual being. In our state as pure spirit we could see the sense of this. And so we accepted that the illusion of Earth life should be created and that – for as long as that existence would be required – our small earthly self would get ever more lost in the belief that we are separate from our Creator and at loggerheads with It.

It was therefore decided by the hierarchy of the Angels, who is as much part of the Great Mother’s love and wisdom as the Father’s power, that there was no better way of helping us to realise and develop our sense of individuality than the creation of an existence in physicality. Everybody wandering around in their own physical body as their vehicle through the lifetimes that would be required absorb this lesson, would be sufficient to create the impression and illusion of separateness. Like all great ideas, the principle of this plan is simplicity itself. The Universal laws ensure that it works itself out to perfection and that balance is constantly being restored.

To familiarise us with the duality of our nature, a small earthly self is required to act out the characteristics of its true nature and polar opposite, the Highest or God Self. These two had to go their separate ways and move in opposite directions, but only for as many lifetimes as this lesson is going to take. Experiencing love and hate, war and peace gradually teaches us the difference between good and evil. Evil invariably brings pain and suffering into our lives, while being a kind and loving person who thinks good thoughts and does good things draws ever more pleasant and agreeable things into our lives, as a reward. After some time the earthly selves notice that this is happening and begin to strive to do their share of manifesting good in preference to evil on the Earth plane.

Every spark of the Divine has masculine and feminine characteristics that are identical to those of its parents. For this phase of our development the two work together as a masculine logical and analysing thinking aspect that has a soft and sensitive feminine counterpart and partner, the soul. This is how Earth life came into being and throughout all lifetimes we spend on the Earth we are helping our planet with its own evolution. At the very beginning of this journey of discovery we were given the promise that eventually all parts of our being would be reunited and healed together into one again.

No spirit and soul will ever be forced to return to life on the Earth. At the moment of physical death when we leave behind our earthly identity and our physical body and return to our true home, the world of spirit, we once more become aware of our true nature as spirit and soul who has gone home. This is where all human souls go, for the simple reason that there is nowhere else for us to go. Having arrived in the world of light, we remember God’s plan for humankind and our role and place in it. If we wish to make any progress on our evolutionary journey, there is nothing for it but to apply for another lifetime in physicality. This is the only way we shall eventually be released from the duty of participating in Earth life with all its joys and miseries.

Only when our behaviour proves to those in charge of us that we have evolved into one hundred percent reliable, trustworthy and true sons/daughters of God, shall we be allowed to proceed with the exploration of the higher and eventually highest levels of life. All of us are specially gifted in some way and throughout the ages, in the long course of our evolutionary pathway up to now, God and the Angels have been providing each one of us with all the assistance we require to become aware of our individuality and to help us develop our talents to their highest potential. This will forever continue. And as soon as the plan for our personal development on the Earth has been fulfilled, the voyage home into the awareness of our oneness with God and all life begins. The false belief of separateness is shed along the way and the deep inner wound closes and heals the more we consciously enter into the radiance of the light from the Highest Star and the brightest light of Creation that radiates through the light of the Sun in the sky above us.

This light is part of the illusion of Earth life. What we see is a radiance from the Sun of all Suns that provides the Sun of our solar system with a spiritual illumination that is comparable to the aura of our physical bodies. What we receive on the Earth and perceive as heat and light is a reflection of the Christ light, who is the Spirit of the Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life. Its reflection shines onto us and our world through our physical Sun. The Universal Christ is the light that gives life to all and illumines it in all its forms. This is more than a mere inner God consciousness. Its radiance is the Light of all lights, the Sun of all Suns and the ultimate power of Creation that brings everything into being and sustains it.

For evolutionary reasons and in keeping with the great plan of life, the Heavenly and earthly parts of God’s Creation had to go their separate ways in the beginning. In the end they are reunited, blessed and healed together again by the warmth and love of the Great Light. This can only happen when the small earthly self is ready to freely surrender its whole being unto its Highest or God Self, to ask for Its protection and guidance and then to willingly follow whatever it receives this way without hesitation.

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15 Jul, 2018
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