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Why Me? - Part 2 - "The Office"
Why Me? - Part 2 - "The Office"

Why Me? - Part 2 - "The Office"

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The fresh smell of paint filled my lungs as I stepped through the electronic doors into a waiting room full of blank faces. I was at the lawyers building going to settle out the matters of the children and what would become of them and also what to do with the house. I hadn't spoke to Travis since the incident, which was good. I didn't need to nor did I want to. What was there to say?

All around me were unfamiliar faces and frowns. I felt like it was a mistake wearing a bright yellow top with matching yellow,pink and orange flower print pants. Compared to every ones gray and black suits I felt as though I belonged in a preschool rather than a lawsuits waiting room.

It was a small office with a recipients desk in the corner 1 gray couch and two matching chairs with 3 doors labeled with peoples names behind the desk.Paintings on the wall showed black and white flowers and city scenes. They had attempted to bring some color into the room with a couple of fake plants placed on the desk and side table,but other than that it seemed as though I was the only colorful happy thing in the room. 2 people sat on cushioned chairs on there phones or reading people magazines. I tried one of my best conversation starters "so what brings you here" but I didn't even get a glance, they all completely ignored me. It wasn't until a short brown haired girl wearing a tight black skirt and black heels and a white top with a black suit jacket appeared from one of the doors and called my name did I feel the slightest bit welcome.

Oh how I longed to be anywhere but the stiff uncomfortable plastic chair that I was told to sit in. Travis was late as always leaving me to deal with finance, and business questions in an even smaller room with even less color than the waiting room.(it was brown and black with very depressing colors) They asked me things like "What happened that made you want a divorce?" Those questions I was glad Travis wasn't there but they still made my stomach turn. But questions like"What are you going to do with the house and kids. "Tracy this is important you need to answer"oh how I wished Travis was there so I could squeeze his hand and this would all be over with.

2 hours later Travis still hadn't shown up and all the thoughts of him being late vanished from my mind and were replaced with thoughts of him physically not wanting to be in my presence. Why me? Why did I have to be the one with a cheating husband and 3 kids to take care of, why did I have a mother that still lived with me and used all of the TV bill and influenced my 3 year old. Why me?

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14 Mar, 2017
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2 mins
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