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Wilbert the Wizard 2: Wilbert the Wizard and the Underwater City

Wilbert the Wizard 2: Wilbert the Wizard and the Underwater City

By Mr. Mills

Wilbert the Wizard and the Underwater City

In a short summary on my previous adventure I had saved a troll from myself and adopted a dragon. Today I found something mysterious in my room. It was a book, but it wasn’t one of my regular spell books. This book had strange markings all over it and no words.

Frostwing crawled up on my bed where I was reading through the strange book. Then I got an idea. I took a match and lit and candle. Secret messages can usually be revealed through this technique. Then I noticed something. It was a map.

Who would’ve have randomly given me a map? I’ve always had this strange ability to talk to hawks. Maybe when the mail hawk came by I could ask it. 1 minute after I had been looking at the map someone knocked on the door.

“Bang, Bang!” I heard. The sound of my door was extremely obnoxious.

“I looked through my peek hole. Who is it?”

“It’s me. Troll is me!”

The troll I had saved from the 2 days ago had returned. I’m not sure why he would ever want to come back to me.

“Troll gave you map. Troll wants you to find underwater city.” He said.

“Underwater city? I think I need a bit more explanation.” I replied

“Underwater city is in serious danger. Troll thinks that you might be able to help it.” Togath replied.

“I have saved enough. I’m already your hero. I don’t think have to save an underwater city. What’s the danger anyway.” I said.

“A giant sea snake. Troll forgot where the city was, so troll brought this map to you.” Togath replied.

“Okay then let’s follow this map.” I said.

I began packing my stuff like my candle. Then I realized candles obviously burn underwater, so obviously I had to enchant it. I found my spell book in my drawer inside my desk. I could enchant with an enchantment spell call “Soduimest.”

“Soduimest!” I said waving my wand at the candle. It didn’t work. I must’ve been doing something wrong. I didn’t have time for this so we were going to have to go off of Togath’s memory.

“Troll sees that you are having issues with the map so troll will try to guide you himself.” Togath said.

“Hopefully you know where your taking me.” I replied.

“Follow me. The ocean is actually south this way. It’s not super deep it’s actually kind of close to the bay. Be aware there is an air bubble around the underwater city.” Togath explained.

We walked in the opposite direction of the enchanted forest. We were headed to the cove that was next to the beach which made a lot of sense. As soon as we got to beach Togath said.


“What’s the hold up?” I asked.

“There is a protection spell used around the city. The same one you used on me.” Togath said.

“You should be very appreciative of how I helped you.” I replied.

Then I noticed something nudging at my ankles. It was Frostwing! I didn’t realize it follow us all the way here.

“Frostwing? What are you doing here? Looks like I’m going to have to take you back.” I said.

“Master, we do not have time to take the small creature back. The underwater city needs to be saved now!” Togath said.

“You’re right. Frostwing, you’re lucky you got into this one, but don’t be expecting to do it again.” I said.

I pulled out my wand and discasted the protection spell. All the sudden loud beeping noises went off.

“What’s going on?” I questioned.

“The locals of the underwater city always sound the alarm if the protection spell is discasted. Solider began to rise to the surface of the beach.

“One two three four.” They chanted. Each one of the soldiers had gills and wore armor with a loaded crossbow.

“Hold fire.” I heard an unfamiliar voice say.

“I’m King Hydro of the oceanic kingdom and you are invading for what purpose?” The king asks.

“I’m Prince Wilbert of the Northern kingdom and I’m trying to protect you from the sea snake that is attacking.” I reply.

“Are you saying you’re the soldier that was sent to protect us from the drastic sea snake?” The king asked.

“Yes. Where’s the threat?” I asked.

“We’ve trapped it in one of our economic banking dome. But we need someone to slay the beast.” The king said.

I didn’t think I’d have to slay anything. I knew I would save creatures but not kill them.

“And what am I supposed to slay it with?”

“I’m giving you the Aquatic sword for this task. If you fail, you will lose the sword and be banished forever. If you succeed, you will gain the sword and be known as Sir Wilbert to this kingdom.” King Hydro explained.

“Oh. That’s a heavy burden.” I replied

I looked over to a dome shaped building in large underwater city. It was almost like a cage for this out of control beast.

I held the sword to my side. Tip as sharp as anything. King Hydro parted the waters for me.

“Togath, you look after Frostwing for a little bit. This battles going to get messy.” I said.

“Yes master.” Togath replied.

I swam back into the ocean and exited the air bubble.

I with withdrew the aquatic sword from my side. They cage on the seas snake released. The snake came ripping through the water toward me. I pointed the tip toward the oversized sea snake.

I tried to cut at it, but I couldn’t move fast enough. It dashed toward me and tried to knock me to the ground. I quickly dodged to the side. It felt like a current had formed around me.

I needed another way. I had to get the sea snake out of the water but how? That’s when an idea came to me.

I got back onto the beach. Then I took sword and cut my own wrist. “Hopefully this is enough blood to attract the snake.” I said to myself

My blood slowly dribbled into the water. I was pain, but sometimes you have make sacrifices to achieve your goal.

I dropped my wand unable to hold it in my left hand anymore. I took the sword in my right hand to prepare for the snake.

The sea snake rose from out of the water and then I swung. It slit its head. Wailing, and falling back into the water I swung again and completely cleared of its head.

Its body fell to the bottom of the ocean floor. The king could see it’s body slowly falling down. The king just took a few moments of silence.

“You slayed the snake. You have fulfilled you quest Sir Wilbert.” The king said.

“Honestly Troll is quite amazed.” Togath said.

“It’s just another part of my quest to become the best battle mage ever!” I exclaimed.

“Thank you master. I will soon see you again.” Togath said.

“I forgot about my home. I wonder what’s happening at the village.” I said

The End

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The End

Author Notes: Note: View this and you're cool.

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Mr. Mills
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31 Oct, 2018
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