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Wilbert the Wizard 3: Wilbert the Wizard and the Second Prince

Wilbert the Wizard 3: Wilbert the Wizard and the Second Prince

By Mr. Mills

Wilbert the Wizard and the Second Prince

Slayed a gigantic sea snake. That’s nothing. Saved a troll which I actually almost killed. Above Average. Today something in a whole different category was happening. My brother Samuel was coming over to teach me mage techniques. The issue is, by this point I think I have the advantage on him. It was his birthday today though and I didn’t want to ruin it.

My communication orb glowed. It must have been Sam.

“Hello what mage is this?” I asked.

“Your brother obviously. Just so you know I’m coming over in the next 20 minutes. I wouldn’t be surprised me so do your best to actually surprise me with something amazing you’ve done.”

“Oh don’t worry I will.” I replied

“Okay. See you at my party.” He said.

“Bye.” I said.

I didn’t actually have a surprise for him. I guess I could just hang out with him until the days over. Yeah, this is going to be a common party. But what would I make for refreshments. That’s it, I’ll tell Bella to make cake.

I said, “Bella” into my communication orb.

“Hi Wilbert. Is there something you wanted?” She asked.

“Yes. I need you to make mage cake for Sam’s b-day. I beg of you. I didn’t prepare anything for him. Bring them over to my house when they’re ready okay.” I explained.

“Got it.” She replied.

She faded inside the communication orb.

Alright. I had to teach my brother the basics of a battle mage. I set up my house during the 20 minutes it took my brother to come. I set up streamers. Or if we took it literally I floated up all the decorations with spells. Same difference.

1 minute after I had finished setting up Sam arrived.

“Wow that felt like a long time for you get here.” I said. Frostwing came up to me while I let Sam in the door.

“Let me guess, you forgot about my b-day party at your house?” He asked.

“Psh. Silly little brother I would never do that.” I replied.

“I really like your dragon. Wish I had one. So I’m here to teach you magic correct?” He asked.

“More or less.” I replied.

“Well to tell the truth, that’s not the real reason I came over.” He said.

“Tell me then. Why you came over.” I said.

“Look I have my reasons. Why don’t you hang in the sauna for a minute?” He asked.

“Because I don’t even own a sauna.” I replied.

“Sure you do.” He said. “It’s just in here,” he said shoving me into a mysterious room.

A burning pit was in the center of a room. It was actually extremely hot. Too hot. I began sweating. I had left my wand on the desk in my room. He must’ve used a curse to make the room over heat.

Burn marks began appearing all over my body. “Frostwing!” I shouted. The poor Ice dragon was dying inside the room. Ice dragons are extremely fragile to fire. Frostwings scales turned from their usual dark blue to a crisp black.

“Open the door. You cooking us in here, literally.” I said. “Frostwings in here too.”

“Well then I guess that I’ll just have buffet.” He replied.

What kind a mage would…. Right, there was a chance he be a werewolf. Genetics from my grandpa.

My robe began burning up. It began feeling crispy hard. I had to get Frostwing out of there. I used my shoulder a ram against the door.

It finally burst open as I broke the lock. Smoke exited the poor dragon’s snout. Coughing I had to immediately get him some help.

But first I had to deal with the werewolf in the house. It was getting close to midnight so that’s what I was worried about. I dashed into my bedroom and Sam chased after me.

I closed my bedroom door and took my wand of my desk. “Phosphorus.” I said blasting Samuel away.

“Imundo.” I said afterward teleporting us out of my cottage. Great now I could see that my cottage was on fire. I’ll never have him over, never again.

Next thing I know I was in the castle. Frostwing at my side. Frostwings began quivering from the smoke. Smoke can have awful effects on ice dragons.

If I told my dad, maybe it would hold him off for a while.

“Father! I have news to tell you. Sam is not what you think he is I think he’s adapted genetics from your father.” I exclaimed.

“I know. I was hoping you never found out. Samuel wasn’t supposed to come that late.” I explained.

Then we heard scratching on the door.

“Let me take care of this.” I said holding Frostwing in my arms.

“This isn’t your usual self Sam. Please come back to me. This isn’t the type of mage you destined to me. Come back to me.” I said.

Then I began hearing whimpering outside. I opened the door. My theory was correct, Sam had fur all over his body and this strike of midnight, he had become a werewolf.

“So you lied to me. Just so you could commit cannibalism on your own brother.” My father said.

“Don’t dad. You’re just going to make it worse.” I said.

Sam began growling again. He got onto all 4’s. Frostwing whined as I ran from my brother.

“Don’t worry buddy. It’s going to be okay. I’ve got a plan. I’m going to need a large tarp.” I said to Frostwing.

“I think there’s one in the basement. If you can get it before Sam gets you.” The king said.

“Oh, I will be able to.” I replied.

I rushed down the stairs to get to the basement. Once I had made it I immediately grabbed a tarp. Moonlight is what causes werewolves to become their carnivorous selves. If I could cover it then it would turn back into Sam.

I set Frostwing down to the side. I threw the tarp over Sam. He struggled to get out of it. I could feel the transformation of his body which was the most unsatisfying feeling ever.

“What happened?” He asked.

“We’ll talk about it later. Just stay underneath the tarp.” I replied.

Now I had to help Frostwing. I took him into the bathroom and set him in the tub. Then I went to the refrigerator to grab some ice.

“A nice cool ice bath should cool you off.” I said

“There are some things about my sons I don’t even know.” My father said.

“Wilbert, your one strong mage.” Said Sam.

“Go back to sleep Sam. I’ve had a rough night. I’ll catch you guys in the morning. Me and Frostwing are going to head back to the…… Oh no I had forgotten my cottage is burning down right now!” I exclaimed.

I sprinted to my cottage Frostwing running at my side. I couldn’t think of what to do as I watched my cottage burn. Frosting wing began spitting ice at the fire.

The ice bath I gave him must’ve recharged his tanks.

“Frostwing, you’re the best dragon there will ever be.” I said.

Frosting cried out happily.

“I’m glad I found you from that forest.” I said.

The story continues as Wilbert and Frostwing as they save lives and make friendships. The End.

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Author Notes: Wilbert the Wizard number 3. Read the other two if you haven't

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Mr. Mills
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7 Nov, 2018
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6 mins
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