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Wilbert the Wizard and the Atrocoties of the Whisper

Wilbert the Wizard and the Atrocoties of the Whisper

By Mr. Mills

Wilbert the Wizard and the Atrocities of the Whisperer

Right now this isn’t a tale completely about Wilbert. The focus is beginning on me. King Flare. My wife had died years ago. I’ve been ruling the Kingdom of Flames ever since. I had always needed to air as queen. Today that was going to happen but not quite in the way that I expected.

I stood outside my kingdom taking a view of the kingdoms in front of me. I was in the Northern kingdom and at the very top. A dark shadow past me.

Was it a person? It could’ve been a whisper to. I’ve been trying to slay whisperer since no one else had ever done it before. If I could do this, I would be the eking that goes down in history. The king that everyone remembers.

I chased after the whisper, but I only walked slowly after it. I could the whisperer. It had shiny dark red eyes that only looked scarier considering the fact that it was night time. It led me all the way to ice kingdom.

“King Flare? What have you been doing out in the forest?” Queen Artica.

“The mayhem creator. The troublemaker. The imp of Storagia. The master of atrocity.” I replied.

“You could have just said the whisperer.” King Kold said.

The Whisperer had snuck behind the king’s throne. I blasted at it. Only melting what was a glorious ice castle.

“How could you ever do this to our precious castle. I will sue for this. Even worse I’ll get you locked up for it.” Queen Artica said.

“Locked up, have fun trying to do that to a king.” King Flare replied.

“Oh, we will.” Said King Kold.


Meanwhile Wilbert and Gallia had both settled at his cottage to stay for a while until they could find a better home.

“So King Flare escaped? And then he ran off to an unknown location?” I questioned to Gallia.

“At least I’m pretty sure that’s what happened to him.” Gallia replied.

“King Flare said it wasn’t his fault he accused it being the fault of a whisper. I think what he said might have been true. Let’s try to track this whisper down. If it doesn’t exist, then the jokes on us.” I exclaimed.

“Okay. I do go to one place where whispers hide. Most people think of them as monsters or scary shadow creatures, but I think of them just as I do of any other creature that lives in Storagia.” She said.

“If you know where the whispers are, you’ll guide me right.” I asked.

“That’s the thing. I don’t know exactly where they hide. But I’ve been to one of their secret hide outs before.” She replied.

“How does that make sense at all. Your starting to lose your logic point.” I said.

“I got attacked by whisper. I passed out. When I woke up I was in this dark area. The ground was stone hard and the place had a stench. I actually was stuck down there with the whisperers for a few days. When they let me go they attacked again. Later I woke up back at my house.” Gallia explained.

“So how are we going to their secret hideout if you don’t know where it is.” I asked her politely.

“Were going to have to cause another whisper attack. Except this one we need to cause on purpose.” She replied.

“Let’s go to the Kingdom of Flames. That’s where the whisper first appeared.” I said to Gallia.

“Okay Wilbert. Just know that whispers can be extremely dangerous and can cause very much unwanted harm.” She said.

“Well everyone knows that. The Kingdom of Flames is just north of here. It is at the top of Storagia.” I exclaimed.

“Well obviously I knew that. I have the map memorized.” She said.

Once we arrived at the Kingdom of Flames it appeared to be empty.

“King Flare didn’t return to his throne. Let’s just sit behind this bush until the whisperer comes.” Gallia exclaimed.

Then I spotted it only after a few seconds of sitting there. It was in the castle. The issue was the Kingdom of flames was literally surrounded by flames so unwanted guests don’t intrude.

“If we wait outside until it comes out. It will commit its next atrocity.” I said.

All the sounded everything blacked out. I appeared in an empty space. I could see Gallia in the distance.

“Gallia!” I exclaimed. She disappeared into the distance. Then more darkness began to form around me. That’s when I woke up.

“That was actually very painful.” I said.

“If I were you I would look across my own back because you don’t look well.” She replied. And she was right. My back had been scared from the whispers attack.

“We found the whisper now what do we do?” I asked.

“Well, if we kill them we can get free jewels and crystals. If we don’t slay them, we could spare their lives.” Explained Gallia.

“Frostwing!” I called out. I must’ve lost Frostwing during the attack. Hopefully he just headed back to the cottage.

The whispers floated around me and Gallia in all directions. We were surrounded. There was only one option left.

“Sorry we have to do this. Were out of options.” I said

“Imundo.” I exclaimed by wand facing the whispers. The whispers disappeared into thin air.

“Where did you send them?” Gallia asked.

“Somewhere where they can’t harm anyone. If they are attempted to be attacked by other creatures they’ll be fine.” I replied.

“Imundo.” I said again taking me and Gallia to the government of magic.

“Wilbert the Wizard. I’ve heard of you. You’re the one who helped the citizens of the Underwater City correct?” The president of magic said.

“And how exactly the government know that I did that?” I asked.

“We have our ways.” The President of Magic replied. The President of Magic was Jay Meyers at the moment. One day, I could be the president.

“I’ve come here to claim the rewards of jewels and crystals. I’ve taken care of the whisper problem you have.” I said.

“We still have no idea whether King Flare was telling the truth or not so no there isn’t a reward.” Jay replied.

“King Flare is telling the truth and I really want an award.” I said.

“Did you slay the so called Whisperers King Flare was talking about?” He asked

“Well not exactly.” I replied. I didn’t want to slay the creatures as Gallia said.

“I will still reward for saving the Underwater City though. King Hydro is very appreciative for you ridding of the sea snake problem. Yes?” Asked Jay.

“I did do that. Have you seen an ice dragon anywhere?” I asked.

“Why yes he’d been with us like all day.” Replied Jay.

“Was it small and only a few months old?” I asked.

“It seemed like that was so.” Jay replied

Frostwing came soaring from in back of Jay excited to see me again.

“I really must’ve scared you at the whisper attack.” I said.

Frostwing just licked me in the face with his cold blue tongue. It felt pretty refreshing.

“Come on Wilbert. It’s time to continue our search for a better home for the both of us to live in.” Gallia exclaimed.

“You’re right let’s get started.” I replied.

That’s when my communication orb buzzed me in my pocket.

“I have to take this.” I told Gallia.

“Hello dad. Is there something wrong?” I asked

“Yes my castle is in serious danger.” My father had replied.

To be continued….

Wilbert the Wizard and the Northern Ruler

Wilbert the Wizard 8

Author Notes: Enjoy:)

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Mr. Mills
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30 Sep, 2019
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6 mins
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