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Wilbert the Wizard and the Goblin Kingdom

Wilbert the Wizard and the Goblin Kingdom

By Mr. Mills

Wilbert the Wizard and the Goblin Kingdom

Recently I had been given a book from the Mountain of Enchantments. I was hoping I could figure out what the symbols mean on the book and on the map. Mother Nature wasn’t in a well condition and the enchanted forest became the demolished forest. Right now, I was trying to piece this all together so I was headed to my dad’s castle which might have a key that me and Frostwing need. We finally had arrived at my dad’s castle.

“What are you doing here? What have I told you about coming to the castle without permission?” My father said.

“It’s urgent dad. So, you know that key that you told me about in the castle one time?” I asked.

“Of course, the one you’re never supposed to get near because in unlocks the gates to a bad kingdom.” He replied.

“Yeah that one. I kind of need that to save the enchanted forest.” I exclaimed.

“No. You cannot have the key and that’s final.” My father replied.

“And why is that exactly, what is the reason you won’t let me ever have it?” I asked.

“Because I cursed it!” My father replied.

“Why in the world would you ever do that? Now there’s no way for me to get into the goblin kingdom.” I said.

“I knew you were trying to get into that kingdom ever since you mentioned the key.” Shouted my father.

“Let’s just calm down a bit. Is there a way you can un curse the key?” I asked.

“Yes there is. I’ll get to it right away.” He replied.

“Unoinusthoro!” Said my Father as the key floated above his desk in his room.

The key stopped floating in the king’s room. He held it with both hands.

“This is the key to your future.” My father sad.

“You know, you’re actually not very good with puns.” I replied.

“Just go. Set out on your quest to invade the goblin kingdom.” My father replied.

Me and Frostwing exited the castle. Frostwing flew at my side. I looked at the key glimmering light. It was a dark gray or some sort of rusted metal.

“The key to our future means we have to go west to get to the gate.” I said.

Frostwing followed me in a direction I wasn’t quite sure of. This is where I thought the goblin kingdom was anyway. We walked forever but there was still nothing except the enchanted forest.

When I was almost at the point of giving up because I didn’t trust my sense in direction, we arrived. A large metal gate toped with the spikiest spikes I had ever seen.

“Well, here it goes.” I said inserting the key into the hole. It took a mighty hard twist to get it open. The gate creaked loudly. I hoped no goblins had heard me, otherwise I would be in some hot water.

As soon as I was inside I think a goblin spotted me. Or maybe I spotted him.

“Hmm. Someone must’ve left the goblin gate open.” It said shutting the gates.

Now there was no turning back, I was stuck. The key could open it one direction, but it can’t open the other way.

“Imundo.” I said teleporting me and Frostwing to the lava fall.

“This is where the map shows us to go. The flower should be behind lava falls. Frostwing flew up right next to the lava fall.

“Be careful. Lava can be very dangerous for an ice dragon such as yourself.” I exclaimed loudly. A goblin saw me almost appear out of nowhere.

“Look, I can’t handle you right now so just, Phosphorus!” I said blasting away the goblin that had intruded on us. Or maybe we just intruded on him.

“Imundo.” I said again to teleport us to another place where they would never fund us. Behind the lava falls.

There was definitely something behind the lava falls. A ginormous beautiful garden would behind it. Who would know a place so dark and gloomy could also have a secret place that was absolutely beautiful.

Flowers that had a golden shimmer remained ever where.

“This has to be the flower that we need to give to Mother Nature.” I told Frostwing while picking up the flower. I turned to my spell book. It had shown the flowers being behind the lava falls the entire time just hadn’t realized it.

I plucked a flower from the ground and put it in another pocket in my robe. I had the spell book with the map and my candle firmly grasped in my hands.

“Let’s get this to Mother Nature quickly. But first were going to have get past the goblins. There kingdom is protected by a spell that counters intruding spells. We’re going to have to find a way to take them out, then take out the spell, then take out golden flower to give to Mother Nature to save her forest.” I explained.

“Imundo,” I said for the third time to escape the lava falls.

The goblins were now in front of the gate we entered. I had not seen them before.

“Frostwing, I need you to get over that gate.” I said. Frostwing spread his wings then glided over the gate.

“Propel!” I said accelerating myself over the goblin gate

Good thing I made it out of there so easy. Now I’ll I had to do was to make it to the enchanted forest. The strange thing was, Mother Nature was nowhere to be found. Or neither was the enchanted forest wasn’t their either.

Had I been too late? Had the enchanted forest already been destroyed? Had Mother Nature died? There was only a way to answer all these questions. Vega.

Vega was the fairy of the enchanted forest. I’ve met her once but then I never saw her again. She keeps up with everything that’s happening in the enchanted forest.

I could go home and fetch my communication orb and have her location be immediately identified. I ran back to my cottage home to retrieve the orb.

“Vega.” I said into the orb. It glowed a dark purple. Clouds formed in it. That meant that Vega was no longer alive.

“Mother Nature.” I said in the sphere. Again it glowed and showed clouds that had formed on the inside of it.

“This couldn’t have happened. Not that fast at least.” I said to Frostwing.

Frostwing made whimpers. He was acting like he was scared. I was scared to of what had happened while I was gone.

“No, it couldn’t have. Me and Mother Nature had known each other since, forever. After my father abounded me in the forest to fend for myself and live on my own, Mother Nature was my only friend. I bowed down to her in her power.” I said. My eyes began tearing up.

Every moment I had spent with her. She was gone. I hadn’t saved her life. All that remains of her is this one meaningless golden flower.

Then it came to me. There was something I could use to support the forest. The seed of life. The seed of life was only a myth. But it could restore the forest.

I wrote out the entire legend myself. This is what it was:

The seed of life

The seed of life is the creation of all

Mother Nature and forest

If only one person was to fall

In love with the forest before us

The seed remains in heart of hope

No one knows there’s only horoscopes

And the seed was lost forever in time

End legend.

Now I was relying on this poem that was yet a myth to revive the enchanted forest. Me and Frostwing would set out to find the seed of life.

The adventure continues in

Wilbert the Wizard and the Seed of Life

Author Notes: Enjoy:)

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About The Author
Mr. Mills
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23 Sep, 2019
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6 mins
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