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Wilbert the Wizard and the Mountain of Enchantments

Wilbert the Wizard and the Mountain of Enchantments

By Mr. Mills

Wilbert the Wizard and the Mountain of Enchantments.

I was taking Frostwing on a hike up a mountain today. Why you ask? So I could teach him how to fly. I’ve been waiting to do this for a while and now just felt like the time.

“Were almost at the top. Just keep pushing through.” I said to Frostwing.

The mountain we were climbing was known as the mountain of enchantments. Spells can be obtained from climbing to the top of the mountain.

After a long hike. I pulled out my lunch and Frostwings lunch to. Some raw meat for him and for me simple sandwich.

We were finally at the top. It was a beautiful view up there.

“Are you ready buddy?” I asked.

Frostwing whimpered. He was a very young dragon and it is common for them to be scared.

Before we began practicing I heard a voice.

“Is someone there?” The voice said.

“Are you there?” I asked knowing it as being a stupid question.

An old scrawny man is what I saw in the distance. I wasn’t sure if this guy was very trusting. I walked up to him anyways.

“Did you come here to obtain spells.” The man said.

“No, I came here to teach my dragon to fly.” I replied.

“This mount is only for obtaining spells. You must leave.” The old man said.

“Frostwing, what do you have to say about that.” I said.

Frostwing shot small icicles at the old man and he completely freaked out.

“Ah. What are you doing?” He asked.

“Doing what I have to.” I replied.

“Okay! Fine. You can teach that ice spitting dragon of yours to fly!”

“Oh. Thank you. You’re so generous.” I said sarcastically.

“So who are you and what is your name?” I said afterward.

“I’m Bathoro and I’m just an old snake charmer living on a mountain.” He replied.

“In that case, I’m still training my dragon here.” I replied.

“All right. First spread your wings.” I told Frostwing.

Frostwing did as he was told. He made a face at me like he wasn’t ready but obviously we were going to try to do it anyways.

Frostwing slowly crawled to the edge of the cliff. He jumped and began flapping. But he didn’t seem to be flying he fell.

What was I going to do about it? I jumped off chasing after him. We both had to be about 100 feet up.

We were saved by Frostwings blanket of snow that he had created.

“Every time I just have to learn something new about you don’t I.” I said.

“Let’s go back to the top of that mountain and try again.” I exclaimed.

This time Frostwing was excited to learn to fly. Frostwing squealed happily. A few moments later we had gotten back to the top of the mountain.

“Spread your wings like I said before. Try to push the air underneath your wings. Don’t try to flap so hard.” I said. Frostwing was a dragon and probably had no idea what I was saying. But hopefully he would do better this time.

Frostwing stood firm on his legs. He spread his wings wider than ever before. Frostwing sprinted toward the edge and took off. I neared the cliff to help him if he fell. This time he soared into the sky.

“Yeah Frostwing! That’s it.” I shouted out to him.

Frostwing glided back over to me at the top of the mountain. He firmly planted his claws into the ground.

“That’s more like it. When you get bigger we can ride together. Considering you’re still only a few months old. In a few years that will be me and you.” I said.

The snake charmer guy was behind me. I don’t know for what reason but he was.

“That was astonishing.” The snake charmer said.

“Astonishing? That was pretty easy to teach my dragon to fly.” I replied.

“I’ve never seen anyone teach any dragon to fly that fast. Usually it takes training. But taking less than a day, that’s astonishing for you.” The snake charmer exclaimed.

“I must just have the power to click it in for them then. I know that I’m just that cool.” I replied.

“This proves you are worthy to obtain spells. I give this to you for teaching your dragon on this mountain.” Said the snake charmer handing me a spell book.

“I’ve never seen a spell book like this before.” I said as he handed it to me.

It had strange markings all over it. These were markings similar to the map Togath gave me that I didn’t even use.

“If you put this spell book under candle light, you’ll be able to read it.” The snake charmer said.

Just like the map I had needed candle light. I wonder where Togath got the map. I better go ask him.

“Thank you, but I got to go. I just discovered something important. Bye!” I exclaimed as I left the mountain to head back to my cottage. As I ran Frostwing followed from behind me.

I went to my communication orb in my bedroom. “Contact Togath.” I told it. It began contacting Togath.

“Hello master.” Togath said within the orb.

“Togath. I need some info from you so I’m going to ask you a few questions. Where did you find the map to the Underwater City?” I asked.

“Troll found it in mysterious castle. But then troll ran away because troll saw scary goblins in there.” Togath said.

“Sorry that troll does not know where the castle is.” He exclaimed

“It’s okay. Goblins? What do you mean. You mean like the Goblin kingdom in the west side of Storagia.

“Troll thinks so. Does it include some kind of waterfall made of lava? A lavafall?” Togath asked.

“The Lavafall. That has to be in the goblin territory. The question is how would I ever get in that territory?” I asked.

“You would need to steal the dungeon key to unlock the gate to do that.” Togath replied.

“The dungeon key. My dad was talking about some sort of dungeon key being in his castle, I bet it’s there.” I said.

“That’s all Togath knows about the map. Just be warned, the goblins can be extremely cranky. Especially when I stole the map.” Togath said.

“I’ll be prepared. Me and Frostwing can handle anything.” I said.

Me and Frostwing began heading over the castle. Only the enchanted forest was the obstacle in the way before we got there.

Mother Nature appeared upon me again. Her dress a sparkly light green. Her hair was a bit frizzled but had a bright blue tint to it but it was mostly gray.

“Mother Nature. Is something wrong.” I asked.

“Very wrong. My forest and dying and it’s my fault. It is because I’m dying of a very deadly disease.” She replied.

” Disease? But your mother nature how could this happen?” I questioned.

“This isn’t your regular disease. This disease was a casted curse and there’s only one way to fix it.” Mother Nature said.

“And what is that?” I replied.

“Too retrieve the goblins flower. There was a map of it in a spell book but I can’t remember which one.” She exclaimed.

“Perhaps it was this one.” I said showing her the spell book I had gotten from the enchanted mountain.

Frostwing and Wilbert Journey continues…...

The End

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6 Sep, 2019
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