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Wilbert the Wizard and the Northern Ruler

Wilbert the Wizard and the Northern Ruler

By Mr. Mills

Wilbert the Wizard and the Northern Ruler

Me and Gallia still strived for a new home. A burnt down shack wasn’t going us any good. Things were only about to get worse. My father called me and apparently his kingdom is getting sold. He had to when he had run out of money. Bella had her own house, but my father was without any home. We were both without homes and today I would solve this problem.

“Who would buy the castle? And who can afford to buy the castle.” I asked my dad. He was living at my broken down shack with me and Gallia. It was beginning to get pretty crowded with Me, Gallia, Frostwing, and my dad. We all definitely needed a new kingdom.

“King Flare.” My father replied to me.

“King Flare? That isn’t possible he just escaped from prison so how did you end up selling the castle to him?” I asked.

“I never realized that. There’s got to be a way to get my castle back.” My father said.

“There is. You could just arrest the guy and put him back where he belongs.” I said to my father. We heard a low crumbling noise behind us.

The castle had crumbled. “Finally I get some revenge.” King Flare said.

“Dad, why does King Flare want revenge on you?” I asked.

“Long ago me and King Flare were once friends. But recently, one week ago, I had to turn King Flare in for melting the ice kingdom.” He said.

I turned to King Flare his face smirked. How could you? You destroy one kingdom and then the next what are to do to Storagia next?” I asked.

“I don’t have time to deal with younger battle mages as yourself.” King Flare replied. Frostwing blasted King Flare with crystal clear ice shards. After shooting the ice shards it was if King Flare was never there. He disappeared.

“Well that was rather unpleasant.” Gallia said.

“More than just unpleasant. Let’s just find this guy and take him down.” I said.

“But now that he owns the castle he destroyed he is the head ruler of northern kingdoms.” Gallia said.

“Yes, but he has forgotten about something else. His own kingdom. The kingdom of Flames.” I replied.

“Right. Well take over that kingdom. But how are we going to get inside if the kingdom is engorged in flames?” Gallia asked.

“Just let Frostwing handle that issue.” I exclaimed.

We walked toward the kingdom of flames. “The closer I get the hotter I feel.” I said.

“Frostwing, put out this nuisance King Flare calls a kingdom.” I said.

Frostwing did as he was told and spit ice ll over the kingdom. Only smoke remained everywhere and it was pretty hard to breathe.

“Once the smoke clears up we’ll go inside. There’s really dangerous gases in there. Especially you Frostwing.” I said.

“So what are we planning on doing here?” Gallia asked.

“We’re going to lure King Flar7e back to his own kingdom.” I replied.

“How are we going to do that?” She asked.

“We don’t even have to do anything for him to come, trust me.” I exclaimed.

“You realize this area is condemned right?” She asked.

“That’s the lure. I already the magical government so as soon as he comes here they’ll put him back where he belongs.” I said.

“I don’t think that’s going to outsmart him.” Gallia replied.

King Flare eventually did return to his kingdom. But no in the way I wanted him to. He had a goblin army serving at all his sides.

“You hold the goblins back; I’ll take care of king flare.” Gallia said.

I waved my wand casting many spells to keep them away. The goblins began to shoot crossbows. Me and Frostwing did whatever it took to avoid those.

I blasted an arrow from a crossbow away and it only ended up hitting into another goblin. I didn’t mean to harm the poor creatures. They were attacking us against their will.

Eventually to many goblins had gained up on me and Frostwing, and Gallia would have to be on her own.

“Imundo!” I said teleporting me and Frostwing away from the fires.

“Where is the magic government?” Asked Gallia.

“Their running later than I expected.” I replied.

King Flare shot a bolt of fire at us. “We have to get out here right now.” I said.

“Imundo!” I said teleporting the three of us away. “We didn’t accomplish what we were trying accomplish.” Gallia said.

“Maybe we have maybe we haven’t but still at least no got hurt this time. Unlike basically every other time.” I said. We were back on my cottage then I caught something on TV.

“The criminal has been caught. Repeat, the criminal has been caught.” The Tv said.


Meanwhile, King Flare attempted to take back his kingdom. But he got caught by the magical government.

“You’re not about to catch me as easily as last time.” King Flare said.

“We will do whatever it takes to catch you.” They said.

King Flare shot another bolt of fire toward the magical government. They blocked it with some sort of force field spell.

“No one had defeated the magical government before, so don’t even attempt.” Said the president Jay over the government.

“Well you’ve never faced a one and one against me. I can destroy this time. Your short a few people aren’t you?” Questioned King Flare.

“We are. But that doesn’t change how strong we are together.” The government of magic replied.

“Inferno!” Yelled King Flare. A massive hurricane of fire surrounded the magical government. They were trapped between walls of fire.

After King Flare used this move on them he disappeared.


“King Flare has escaped! Repeat, King Flare has escaped.” My TV said.

“Looks like the magical government didn’t get him.” I said.

“Well were going to have handle him later, we still need a proper home.” Said Gallia. As we headed back to my burnt shack.

“King Flare. He’s good at the things he does now. I wanted to visit this one place. This one place has people that can help us find a home.” I said.

“A home, where is this place?” Gallia asked.

“The cloud kingdom. Their always watching over the Northern Kingdom.” I said.

You mean King Strike and Queen storm? Their very dangerous rulers. I don’t think they’re the people that you want to ask.

Togath burst open the door without expectation.

“Togath has news for you. Togath knows how to get to cloud kingdom.” Togath said.

“You gave me a heart attack. I didn’t just allow you in here. This place is crowded.” I said.

Wilbert and Frostwing his dragon and Gallia from ice ware would all work together to reach the kingdom of clouds. The rulers of the cloud kingdom aren’t exactly what things people call friendly.

Wilbert’s Journey Continues….

The End

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Author Notes: Enjoy:)

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About The Author
Mr. Mills
About This Story
1 Oct, 2019
Read Time
5 mins
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