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Wilbert the Wizard and the Seed of Life

Wilbert the Wizard and the Seed of Life

By Mr. Mills

Wilbert the Wizard and the Seed of Life

Mother Nature was gone and it had been all my fault. Now, I needed the seed of life to re-create the forest of enchantments in memory of Mother Nature. Me and Frostwing were unsure of the location of the seed of life. That’s why I was going to ask the master of locations. Togath. I know he’s not the best advice for directions but he does have a friend that is very well with directions.

“Knock, Knock.” I said out loud while knocking on Togath’s tiny wooden door.

“Master, you have returned. What task do you ask of me?” Togath asked.

“Oh, I don’t need to task jobs for you, I said someone else in mind. So you know that good friend of yours, the elf.” I said.

“You want Gallia. I will get you Gallia, if you really have to.” Said Togath.

“Great. You’ve been an amazing assistance to me.” I replied acknowledging him.

Gallia was a great gal. She worked for a company called ice ware. By the name you can probably tell what they make there.

“Be careful and the ice warehouse, it can tend to get very cold.” Togath said.

“Me and Frostwing will be okay. I think Frostwing might actually enjoy this.” I replied winking at Togath.

The Ice warehouse wasn’t very far. They keep ice spell books there too. I bought one myself but I still haven’t learned how to use it yet.

We were at the front entrance. As the automatic doors opened I could immediately feel a fresh breeze. It got really cold in the aftermath.

“I’m not sure I like this temperature.” I said to Frostwing. Frostwing was happy to be in such a cold place. “But I bet you do.’ I said.

Then I noticed people using what looked like hoses to transform containers of liquid into ice. Then I saw the manager.

“Hello kind sir. What’s the order you’re in here for?” He asked.

“I’m actually not in here for an order.’ I replied.

“Are you here to apply for the job? Are you here to thieve us?” He asked.

“No, I’m here to find your employee Gallia. It’s urgent.” I replied.

“I see. Gallia! Come here front and center. Someone wants something out of you!” The manager said shouting off to Gallia.

“I like your dragon by the way. Ice dragons, the best kind.” He said as he walked away carrying a container of water.

“Are you Wilbert the battle mage? Wilbert the Wizard that’s right. You’re the one that Togath has been telling me all about.” Gallia said.

I was going to ask her about the seed of life, but I hesitated by getting distracted by her beauty. Her long flowing glossy perfect blue hair. Her eyes, I could just swim in them. Her clean white dress just made me feel cool on the outside and she felt like almost an angel from above.

“Is there something you were going to ask me?” She asked.

“Umm. Yeah, Togath told me that you could possibly have some good info on the location to the seed of light is.” I said.

“Yes I do know. It was owned by Mother once but she recently umm.” She trailed off into silence.

“Would you at least know where she is?” I asked.

“I thought you would know, you’re like her best friend.” Gallia replied.

“Mother Nature? Your telling me that your mother is Mother Nature!” I questioned with intensity.

“Yes.” She replied. “I really have enjoyed the company of your dragon.” She said as Frostwing rubbed its head against her ankles.

“I’m so sorry about that.” I said.

“I don’t mind.” She replied. “He’s pretty cute. What’s his name?” she asked.

“Frostwing. I met him a few weeks ago lost and alone in the forest.” I replied happily.

“He’s the coolest dragon I’ve seen. So, you want info on the Seed of Life, because I know where my mom kept it.” She said.

“And where excatlly is that most importantly?” I asked.

“It’s in the Great Grove. A garden created by Mother Nature to be the most beautiful garden that you will ever see.” She replied.

“Do you mind if you come along to help show me where that garden is?” I asked.

“Well, I’d have to talk to the manager about that and I don’t know if he would be very okay with that considering the fact I don’t want to use another vacation day.” She replied.

“It’s fine with me.” The manager said in back of u. he crept on us and we didn’t even know he was close to us because I assumed he left.

“You scared me. You literally came out of nowhere.” I said.

“Go Wilbert and Gallia. Go and restore the enchanted forest that’s at crisis.” He said to me and Gallia.

“So how do you know how to get there?” I asked.

“Well, I have an entire map of Storagia that I always travel with.” She replied.

If only I had had that earlier. I could’ve gotten to places so much quicker. I looked at the map she showed me. According to the map the garden should be just south of ice ware.

I walked around the walls of the Goblin Kingdom. Gates still sharp as ever.

“I’ve been in there once. It’s not exactly the place you’ll ever want to be.” I said.

“My map says that’s the goblin kingdom. It consists of the lava falls, plenty of citizens, and a castle owned by the goblin king.” Gallia replied.

After passing the goblin kingdom we took a lot of time just walking on a dirt road that seemed to never end. I kicked a rock on the ground. Frostwing ducked and it and it buzzed past him.

“Sorry Frostwing. Sorry that I frightened you.” I said as we were walking.

Frostwing began flying to my side so he could avoid getting hit by rocks. I wasn’t kicking them anymore any ways.

“Are you sure that this even goes anywhere at all?” I asked Gallia.

“Yes I been to the Great Grove before.” She told me.

Then I stopped walking to see a glorious sight. Flowers of every color were in full bloom. Poppies, daisies, and other flowers of all sorts shined bright with color.

“It’s right over there.” Gallia said pointing to a stump.

“Very funny. By that, I mean I’m trying to be sarcastic.” I exclaimed.

“No really. In the center of all the knots in the stump there is the seed. The Seed of Life to be exact.” She said picking up the seed.

“I totally knew that. Just to tell the truth that was sarcasm again.” I said. Gallia handed me the seed. Looks like our journey together has come to an end.

“I was hoping that you would come with me on more adventures. We could work together. A battle mage and an cool gal. How do you like the sound of that?” I asked.

“I’ll accept to come on adventures with you.” She replied. You’re actually probably the coolest mage I’ve ever met.” She replied.

“Let’s plant this seed and create the Mother Nature memorial.” I said.

We started heading back up the dirt road. Frostwing got back into midair so he could safe from me. Then he glided back to the ground.

“You’re not scared of me anymore.” I said. “I was pretty scared that you scared of me.” I said afterward.

Me and Gallia headed back to make cottage. I flipped on the News for Storagia.

“Are you planning to stay with me?” I asked.

“You’re the one that wanted me to come with you.” Gallia replied.

“Breaking News.” The television said.

“King Flare has escaped from the Storagian prison. Do whatever it takes to find him. We’ve posted images of him all around the kingdoms. Look for king Flare and arrest him now.” Said the report.

To be Continued.

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Mr. Mills
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24 Sep, 2019
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6 mins
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