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Wilbert the Wizard and the Strike of Darkness

Wilbert the Wizard and the Strike of Darkness

By Mr. Mills

Wilbert the Wizard and the Strike of Darkness Part 1

Dark times were ahead of the four of us. We were headed to the cloud kingdom and it was extremely dangerous. This is going to be really out there for us. Me and Gallia were going to encounter King Strike and Queen Storm. They’re more of the less friendly rulers that turns anyone that comes into slaves. We had to very careful not to be caught or else we will be in eternal debt.

“The cloud kingdom. We could borrow Bella’s unicorns to get up there.” I said.

“If they’re still even alive.” Said my dad.

“Oh they will be. Unicorns don’t die that easily. The practically immune to anything trust me.” I replied to my dad.

“And which unicorn do you plan taking?” My dad asked me.

“I was going to take Frostwing, but I can’t for obvious reasons. In the next couple weeks Frostwing should be big enough. It’s almost like he had grown 4 feet. He is almost as tall as me.” I exclaimed.

“Your best bet for unicorn riding is going to be Titanius. He’s the best strongest unicorn we’ve got. You will have to hold off on flying on Frostwing for a few weeks.” My father replied.

Frostwing growled. Except this time, it was more of roar never in a way that I had heard him in before.

“Frostwing you stay close to us when we go, Okay? All right group lets to the stables to get the unicorns.” I said.

“Troll doubts the unicorns would have stayed during the attack.” Togath said.

“Togath, I’m going to need you to stay here just in case of King Flare coming back.” I told Togath.

“Troll will do as master says. Troll will watch your house to.” Togath said.

“Great. Looks like the stables are live and just over here behind this rubble of the castle.” I said.

“Which one are you going to pick?” My dad asked Gallia.

“I’ve never rode a unicorn before.” She replied.

“Don’t worry. I’ll guide you. I rode these guys all the time when I was growing up when I visited my father.” I said.

“I think you and Gallia better take on the cloud kingdom with Frostwing not me.” My father said.

“Dad? Why aren’t you coming? This isn’t supposed to be a date or anything.” I said.

“Let’s just leave me here. I’m too old for this kind of task.” He replied

We took off on our unicorns without my father. Gallia was super nervous and I could tell. She was shaking and clutching the unicorn as tight as she could.

“You need to calm yourself. Be less tense or you’ll lose control.” I advised her.

She struggled a bit more. Starlight, her unicorn, swayed side to side as gripped her. Her unicorn let oud a loud “Neigh!”

“Follow me, do as I do.” I said. I loosely gripped the reigns. I made sure I was balanced straight on top of Titanius. Gallia continued to struggle.

“You have the better unicorn and you know it.” Gallia said.

“It’s not Starlight that’s guiding you. It’s you that’s guiding you” I said.

We had arrived at the dangerous cloud kingdom. There was nothing but dark cumulus all around us.

“Are you sure it’s safe to touch these grounds?” She asked.

“Honestly, I’ve never been here myself.” I told her.

“Before we go to the kingdom I have to tell you something. Did your father really not come because he wanted us to go on a date. I mean, does he like me. That’s not what I had in mind but if that’s what he wants.” She exclaimed.

“Let’s not worry about my father. He can make my friends feel awkward in that way.” I replied.

“You could’ve just asked me and I would’ve said yes.” Said Gallia.

“It was not my plan to date you it was my father’s fault.” I said.

King Strike walked upon us. He scared me to death with his pure white hair and his black robe. Eyes gleaming gray.

“Your now on the sacred grounds of the cloud kingdom. Surrender your vehicles.” King Strike said boldly.

I gave King Strike Titanius. I didn’t think I be losing him this fast.

“Except for you, the gal. You keep your beauty.” King Strike said.

“Looks like chivalry isn’t dead after all.” I whispered to Gallia.

We saw large set of stairs made of more dark cumulus material. We walked up them unsure of where we were going.

“Were going to see Queen Storm.” King Strike said.

Frostwing flew up to us a little later than we had arrived. I hadn’t expected him to come since I hadn’t seen him since the unicorn ride.

“Do we need to poses this dragon of yours too?” King strike asked.

“No. Not Frostwing. We had so many experiences together and were practically inseperatable.” I exclaimed.

“You may keep your life long companion. We are nearing the top and we will be there soon.” King Strike replied.

Frostwing immediately flew to my side. His head rested against my shoulder. He made a soft snort and what was like snowy powder landed on me.

“Honey, why has it taken you so long to arrive. I see you got us a new unicorn.” Are the first words Queen Storm said.

“What do you peasants want?” Queen Storm asked.

“I’m not a peasant. I’m Wilbert the Wizard, Battle Mage of Storagia, or you can call me the prince of northern kingdom.” I exclaimed.

“You don’t scar me at all. You’ll never scare me. What info were you planning to choke out of us anyways.” She asked.

“We are at the crisis of living without a home. My father’s home was destroyed by an evil land lubber and my house was destroyed in a fire due to my werewolf brother.” I explained.

“I don’t take excuses for a new home, but I do know a place you could live.” Queen Storm said showing the little bit of compassion she had inside her.

“Tell me where we shall live. This crisis should continue no longer.” I said.

“The Crystal Castle. It’s been up for sale in the northern kingdoms because the ruler is dying.” King Strike said.

“The Crystal Castle you say? For some reason I didn’t know what the Crystal Castle was even though I had lived in the northern kingdoms almost my entire life span.

“I’ll escort you there on one condition.” Queen Storm says.

“Hopefully you don’t set stakes to high.” I replied.

“You never return to this kingdom nor any of the sky kingdoms ever again.” She said.

“Not even at crisis?” I asked.

“You come back here we will slay you.” She said.

She formed a cloud below me Gallia and Frostwing. The cloud slowly and gently floated toward the ground. A castle made of all colors of crystal lay before us.

“I still can’t believe I’ve still never seen nor heard of this castle in my entire life.” I said.

“Something about this castle I just don’t like.” Gallia said.

Frostwing roared again as we arrived at the castle as if there were something wrong with it. What has the rulers of the cloud kingdom done to us? Starlight the unicorn was dropped off to Gallia on a separate cloud. The Crystal Castle wasn’t quite setting in me right either. This is when the darkness would begin. At the Crystal Castle.

The End

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Author Notes: ENJJOY:)

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About The Author
Mr. Mills
About This Story
3 Oct, 2019
Read Time
6 mins
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