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Working Out Our Own Salvation
Working Out Our Own Salvation

Working Out Our Own Salvation


To Jab Or Not To Jab – Part Nine

As we know by now, on the inner spiritual level there is no separation between anything, and the Angels and Masters and other spirit guides and their helpers are in charge of our race’s development and that of our whole world. Because they are in this way one with us, they frequently know our heart’s and soul’s intentions and motivations better than we do and on many occasions before we even become aware of them. Their presence and observations ensure that spiritually nobody in earthly life ever gets away with anything. Whatever we do has to be for real and there simply is no point in deception of self and others and no need for faking sincerity, lying and cheating. Such character traces belong to the lower earthly nature of young and inexperienced souls; they will eventually be left behind.

The legend of the Lord Buddha, who is thought to have walked the Earth from 563-483 BC, tells us that the last words the wise one spoke on his deathbed were: ‘Go and work out your own salvation, with diligence.’ But how shall we to go about it? I believe that those who have become aware of their higher nature and willingly conduct their lives in keeping with their knowledge, qualify to be called aspiring healers, lightbringer and wise ones in their own right. Through sending nothing but good and positive, kind and loving thoughts, words and actions into the Universe, they are already actively engaged in the process of saving and redeeming themselves and our world. The awareness that in due course the Universal laws can do nothing but return more of the same to them makes this pathway easier to cope with.

In every one of their daily encounters responding to the feedback wise ones are constantly receiving intuitively through the world of their feelings, rising above the temptations of their small and easily frightened lower earthly selves with its selfish whims, urges and fears creates no major problems for them. In the course of its long evolutionary journey our higher Christ nature eventually wakes from its slumbering state. Our earthly self then begins to develop spiritual wings that in the end enable us to rise above the temptation of responding to the desires of our lower self. Jesus on the cross is an allegory of how our Christ nature in the end leaves them behind. The dying man illustrates how the small self, nailed to its earthly existence slowly bleeds to death by doing so.

Having learnt about these things, wise ones bravely and patiently endure whatever their karmic debts still have to present to them. Following their inner guidance helps them to resist the urge of their lower earthly nature for seeking revenge and they forgive instead. Knowing that this is the Universe’s way of returning the pain they once inflicted upon others makes it easier for wise ones to respond with nothing but love and forgiveness in their hearts towards those who to this day are trespassing against the laws of life. Knowing that these people are young and inexperienced souls who do not yet understand the higher purpose and meaning of their own existence, makes forgiving them easier. Wise ones follow this up by also forgiving themselves for once having set in motion the wheels of what is happening to them, now.

To achieve the evolutionary progress that potentially is every human being’s birthright, wise ones follow the idealistic promptings of their innermost heart, from where their Highest Self, the living God within or wise one, has always been trying to guide and protect them. For as long as our earthly self is unaware of its presence, its efforts are largely unsuccessful. Everybody eventually reaches the evolutionary point when the time is right for welcoming our higher nature, following its advice and working together with it for the good of all, so it can steadily take over ever more of our earthly nature. Like all great truths, saving and redeeming ourselves is basically that simple, even though it is by no means always easy to apply our good intentions to earthly life’s situations.

Apart from working on ourselves, everybody’s main task at present is assisting others to become aware that all of us are responsible for our every word, thought and action. Wise ones who are familiar with the workings of the Divine laws refuse to act unkindly towards man or beast, because they know that what we send out always must come back and that this is the only way true and lasting peace can come to our planet. Like all truly great ideas, it is as straightforward as that and by now there is no doubt in many people’s minds that we and our world are on a course of evolution. When one reflects on humankind’s history, it becomes clearly visible how much we have actually been progressing in millions of different ways. Even though in evolutionary terms our race has already come a long way, we have much further to go. You can read more about this in ‘The Great Year’ file.

Complete mastery over the desire nature of our small lower self is the final aim of all human beings’ earthly education. This is likely to take a great many lifetimes because every spirit who descends into an existence in physicality for the first time immediately has to start building its own earthly personality. At the moment of its creation the spirit is masculine and feminine just the same as its Creator. But to enable it to get to know itself through its own experiences, the two parts temporarily have to split. So the masculine spirit creates itself a feminine counterpart, a soft and sensitive feeling side that is his soul. Together these two parts get to work and one small step after another they are learning to cope with the conditions of earthly life. Naturally, this process has to start at the lowest point and that’s how steadily, lifetime after lifetime, each one of us progresses on their evolutionary pathway of getting to know themselves.

The first major turning point is reached when a spirit and soul become sufficiently evolved for starting to resist and overcome the drives and urges of their lower earthly animal nature. Without this it is impossible to take possession of the higher aspects of our nature, the Divine inheritance. Every one of us eventually starts bringing forth its powers and characteristics from deep within the core of their own being, where they have been resting in seed form for a long time. Each new lifetime takes us a little bit closer to the moment of its awakening. When one of us evolves, our whole world is moving forwards with it. That’s why every small effort anyone makes to improve their character counts and is of importance for our personal evolution and that of our world.

The more we endeavour to transmute our lower energies into the highest that is within us, the stronger the good in our world grows and that which is evil decreases. The more we, as a race, evolve so that the good in us eventually becomes so powerful that it conquers all remnants of evil and absorb it into itself. Once we are aware of God’s true nature and our own and the high and holy purpose our own as well as everyone else’s earthly life serves, our soul has no other wish than serving the Highest forces of life and doing what we can to make this blessed state of no more evil and rue and lasting peace a reality on the Earth. Divine intervention is trying to help each one of us to reach this stage of their development sooner than we may presently imagine. Who knows?

And let’s face it, it would make no sense if the Universe took the burden of saving and redeeming ourselves and our world from our shoulders. Alas, it takes a long time before we realise that God and the Angels are always with us and only too willing to help us with any problems and issues that are hindering our progress. But they will only do so when we ask for it. Then they are delighted to show how to go about our task in good and wise ways.

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15 Feb, 2020
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