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World Healing Meditation
World Healing Meditation

World Healing Meditation


For Midnight Of New Year’s Eve

In the beginning the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Created Heaven and Earth and spoke: ‘Let there be light.’
This is how the Christ Star, the Sun of all Suns and Light of all lights,
Came into being.
Its light constantly flows forth into the whole of Creation.
From it all life is born and that is how it came about
That there is a world for us and that
The Universal Christ’s light and love,
Wisdom and truth exists in us and our world.

Under the radiance of this Star all human hearts open wide,
And the Divine spark in each one turns
Into a small still flame of love.
With the turning of the yearly cycles on the Earth plane,
The intensity of the Christ Star’s rays
Has constantly been increasing.
As a result in many hearts this small flame
Has grown into a blazing and all-consuming fire.

When in our minds it unites itself with the sacred fire
Of Mother Earth and Father Sun,
Hand in hand with God and the Angels
All darkness and fears of Earth life burn away.
They transform themselves into vibrations
That fill every individual heart and soul
With renewed hope, faith and trust,
And thoughts of healing and peace.
From us they are flowing into the
Farthest and remotest corners of the whole of Creation.

Deep inner healing takes place on all levels of life,
As humankind’s wellbeing
And that of our whole world is being restored
By the Angels of Healing and Peace,
And the Great Mother’s wisdom and love flows
Ever more powerfully from all hearts and souls.
At last there is peace on the Earth
And goodwill reigns supreme towards all life.
Forgiveness fills everybody’s whole being
And we are one again with God and the Universe,
In perfect harmony and understanding.

For when we are healing, all life and lifeforms
Are healing with us.
All glory and honour and thanks be to You,
Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
And your only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ.


* * *

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31 Dec, 2019
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1 min
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