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Writing Prompts
Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts


I feel like writing something, but I have no idea what to write. So, instead of finding prompts for me to use, I'm going to find some prompts online, edit them to my liking, and share them with you guys! I hope this will boost your creativity and maybe give you a pastime if you're feeling bored. So, I'll write the original prompt first in case you think it's better. Then, I'll give you my version of it. Maybe this will also give some inside into how my lovely brain works. Anyway, let's get started, shall we?

We'll start with comedy!
You discover the secret to time travel. In a bold move, you decide to travel back to the age of the dinosaurs and you are surprised to find that they can talk. In fact, the dinosaurs are shocked and insulted that you would think otherwise. What they have to tell you will shake mankind to the core. Forget everything you thought you knew about history.
Wow, that's hard to top. Let's add a bit of twist! You also find someone who happened to have the same idea you did, traveling back to the dinosaurs. Is he a friend or foe?

Next up is mythic.
Bigfoot and Morag, unicorns and mermaids. You're a billionaire tech CEO, but still, you've always been an avid follower of such fantastical legends. When a particularly active year at Loch Ness draws you to Scotland, you are shocked to see the creature with your own two eyes. Doubts vanish, and excitement soars as you finance a personal expedition, gathering a team and diving to the bottom of the lake in a four-man submersible. Your shock grows to disbelief as you are sucked into another dimension, through which it seems creatures occasionally pass and surface back in Scotland. Any concerns about documenting the place and providing proof vanish when you realize the wormhole seems temporary, and you have no idea how to return. When you surface and reach land, you discover a primitive humanoid species that seems able to rationalize and communicate. You must learn their language and discover how to locate the wormhole again, hoping it will bring you back to Loch Ness and not some other world.
Again, hard to top. Maybe the species is not accepting towards visitors or we have a traitor on board?

Alright, now we have a dying earth story prompt!
Our sun begins to compress and heat up at the core. Greenhouse gases increase and begin to kill off life on the planet. The only humans to survive are those who can fit into a small shelter built underground to withstand the heat, and you are part of this surviving group. There is only enough food in the shelter to keep the rest of you alive for a year, so you do what you can to stretch out your rations. After a year, when the food has run out and all hope is lost, you hear someone knocking on the hatch that leads to the outside.
Ooh, another good one! I'd rather not mess that one up and leave it up to you. Have fun!

Now let's do something with parallel universes!
As an up-and-coming comic book artist, your work has received recognition from industry insiders and you have a small, but dedicated, fan base online. One of these fans somehow finds your contact information and asks if he can set up a special arrangement that will be financially advantageous for you. You are interested, so he tells you the terms: Create a unique character once a week with a full backstory. The character should not be made public under any circumstance. They are for private use only. You ask him what is the point if the characters cannot be published, but he refuses to tell you the reason. Cash-strapped and curious, you agree to the terms and start creating characters. After a couple of years, you have developed an entire universe of superheroes and villains which you are very proud of. Desperately wanting others to see your work, you decide to go to your benefactor's home unannounced to confront him. The front door is open, so after knocking a couple of times, you let yourself in. You suddenly find yourself in what seems to be an illustrated world. You look up and see one of the characters you designed flying through the sky. Another one drives past you down a street in his rocket car. Somehow, this man has created an alternative universe comprised of your drawings and creativity. You are astounded and want to explore this fascinating world that, from your perspective, only existed in your imagination until now.
That's a long one! Let's imagine that the benefactor is not a nice man and has been stealing others' creativity to create his own world where their creations bend to his will. Will you stop him or side with him?

I think that's enough for now... But let me know if you would like more!

Author Notes: I just wanted to boost some creative thinking! The website used is
Be sure to check them out!

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25 Feb, 2021
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