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Writing Prompts
Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

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Heyyyyy! Another one of these. Here are some writing prompts to help you solve that writer's block.

  • You have the power to see everybody's soulmate, tying the pair together by a red string. Your string extends into the sky.
  • You live in a world where lies leave a scar on the liar's body. One lie equals one scar, and the bigger the lie, the bigger the scar. You find out that your crush/best friend has one single scar...and the biggest you've seen.
  • "I never stood a chance, did I?" He sighed. "That's the sad part; you once did."
  • As you were cleaning your attic, you found a box full of glass balls. You drop one and a person appears. You look at the glass balls closely, and you see dates and names. One of them is your ancestor.
  • On everyone's 16th birthday, we receive a letter from our future-selves. Yours is blank, only with a small infinity sign on it.
  • “Snitches get stitches, darling.” “In my experience, we get paid quite well.”
  • New Ice Cream Flavor...
  • An Instrument that plays colors instead of sound
  • Rewrite a historical moment with modern technologies included in it.
  • Invent a holiday.
  • Interview the protangonist in one of your stories. Ask dumb or random questions.
  • Describe your life/a story through textures. The textures (rough, soft, plushy, etc..) could represent people, memories, regrets...
  • You have the whole world's attention. Every camera is live and pointed at you. What would you say?
  • The Map of your Life
  • You are transported to one of your dreams.

Have fun with these. You can use half of the prompt, use a completely different idea based off one of these; do whatever. If it's ok with you, please send me the story to me. I'd love to read them and see what you came up with.

Peace out :D

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14 Oct, 2019
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