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Writing Prompts
Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

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Usually, I would stare at the screen, asking myself what I should write. I wanted to write, because it releived stress and it's pretty fun because you can create your own world with your own words.

But the question is not why, it's what.

If you are a fellow writer struggling with the same dilemma, then I gathered a few writing prompts from my mind and from the internet. Some of them are parts of dialogues, titles, or summary of the story. Hope this helps!

Writing Prompts

These writing prompts will spark ideas in your head.

  • A character in your story becomes aware that they are in a story
  • A normal math class. Until one girl jumps out of the one story window to go see a mysterious boy in the recess court.
  • Suddenly, your main character can hear everyone's thoughts when they wore a ring. And they can’t take it off…
  • The Elite Education Society, or EES, is giving out pills to gifted students that give them the power to stay awake for 48 hours and record everything they see, hear, and feel in their minds as if in a notebook. But little do they know, the side effects that appear two weeks later will cause a disaster.
  • A special computer virus is engineered by a rogue employee to control human desires and impulses. It takes over the whole world, except a few from the new generation are resistant. Can they make an antidote, and will they survive with the rest of the world against them?
  • Write a story about a bridge that leads to nowhere.

  • The Broken Star

  • “Right now, I don’t know if I want to shove you off a bridge or kiss you.” “Can I pick?”

  • I believed they never existed, but this one is staring right at me.

  • Your character looks at Death. Death stares right back. “You’re early,” Death says.

  • “It’s a long story.” “I thought you were dead for almost a year. I have time.”

  • In the future, at birth, you have a tattoo on your wrist with the date of your death. You were supposed to die yesterday.

  • “I’m not human. I never was. Why are you expecting me to act like one?”

  • Field of dreams

  • Children are dying off quickly of a terrible disease. A small percentage of survives. But why did they survive when the rest died? The world discovered that they are far from normal now.

  • “I hope you don’t think this is a game,” I said roughly. “Because it’s far from it.”

  • “Would you look at that?” he said. “This might be the first time we’ve ever agreed on anything.” “Yeah. I’m not surprised. We are very different.” “Duh. Were different beings.”

  • She pulled out the knife from her chest and smiled. “Was that supposed to hurt?”

  • “Well, this is a nice change of scenery.” “It’s a cage.” “I was being sarcastic.” “...Oh. Great then.”

  • Scorched and burned music sheet

  • She can see and hear things others can’t. What is happening to her? Then she sees a...

Thanks for reading and I hope this can spark ideas!

- Lollipop_56 (Faith)

Author Notes: Place a review if this helped or if you want more!

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27 Feb, 2019
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