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The sun was high in the sky, and the vast blue expanse was clear. The girl liked a cloudless sky. It felt like space went on forever; it made her feel incredibly small, yet in a beautiful way.

Wait, no. How can you feel tiny in a pretty way? Nope, nope, nope.

It felt like the sky stretched on forever. Despite it making her feel so small as a part of the universe, she embraced the fact that she was-

Ew. What? that came out so weird. Nevermind. Let me just write another part of the story, maybe it'll flow better.

The grass tickled her ankles as she dug her feet into the soil. The summer breeze coasted over her face as she tilted her head back, soaking in the sunlight.

Ok, not bad. Maybe if I continue like this...

A boy bounded over-

Ah, I knew it wouldn't last long. Bounded? It makes it sound like he's some bunny. Or something. No, that won't do.

A boy walked over and sat next to the girl. "Hey," he smiled, revealing a row of straight teeth and dimple on his left cheek.

Hey? Hey? All this glorious description and this dude just says hey? Oh, for the love of-let me try again.

"It's nice out here, huh?" he grinned.

Delete. Delete. Delete. This kid is supposed to be young, not 70 years old, talking about the weather.

"You look nice," he commented.

Ok, not too bad. Cringy, but I can live with this.

The girl flushed. "Thanks," she muttered. The boy looked around-

Where was this going again? Great, I forgot.
I give up. Maybe if I look at the old stories I wrote? Ok, let me see...perhaps they could solve this writer's block? I need some inspiration.
Nevermind, this did not give me inspiration. This is so bad. Did I even write this? Skies, this is terrible.
And it many views? This is the number of people that internally died reading this. I need to apologize to all these people.
At this point, I just want to chuck my computer at a wall. But that won't solve my writing problems, would it?

Author Notes: Why is this me every time I write a story...

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12 Jan, 2020
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