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Written In The Stars
Written In The Stars

Written In The Stars


Written In The Stars

In 1998 I returned to Germany where I lived quite happily for around two years. But, in the end my inner guidance told me ever more strongly that the old country was not really right for me. With a heavy heart, I had to make the decision to up-stakes yet again and move on. I returned to my adopted country and county with the people I had learnt to love over the years. They are my home on the earthly plane of life for the rest of my present lifetime.

Having found my inner home, I feel I could live quite happily almost everywhere, but I hope that the Universe will allow me to spend it here. And as before God we are all the same, I have no time for concepts like nationalism, patriotism and racism. To me, they represent the most destructive earthly influences that far too long have served to separate us from each other, instead of uniting us. As beloved children of the Universe, we do not belong to any country or even the Earth. We belong to God.

Astrology has contributed immensely to my personal healing journey of a thousand miles. That’s why I cannot praise it highly enough and hope that it can do the same for you. The fortunetelling variety with its casting of horoscopes never did appeal to me. To my mind, there is no substitute for the knowledge that can only be gained from studying the characteristics of every one of the Sun signs. My interpretations of them have grown into a logbook that guides the human soul through the many different levels of its earthly existence. My life is a practical demonstration of what an invaluable lifehelp astrology can be. Like nothing else it can help us make sense out of the suffering contained in our lessons of the past.

Of particular relevance in this context are the aspects Saturn forms to Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury in our birthcharts. So far available on my website are:

‘The Sun And Saturn In Hard Or Growth Aspect’
‘The Moon And Saturn In Hard Or Growth Aspect‘
‘Venus And Saturn In Hard Or Growth Aspect‘
‘Mars And Saturn In Hard Or Growth Aspect’
‘Uranus And Saturn In Hard Or Growth Aspect’

With the help and the will of God and the Angels, more will follow in due course. Of equal importance is getting to know the landmarks on our journey through life and what special lessons they may present us with:

‘Age 29 1/2 - First Saturn Return‘
‘Age 58/59 - Second Saturn Return‘
‘38/45 Midlife Crisis - The Uranus Opposition‘

The more one grasps astrology’s underlying esoteric meanings, the more the beauty and wonder of the order of the Great Universal Plan can reveal itself to astonished human eyes. It explains how our infinitesimally small existence is linked to and takes part in the beauty of the gigantic Cosmic dance of the planets’ energies in which the whole of Creation is involved. It shows particularly clearly in the Sun and Moon’s movements and the way their working manifests itself in the realities of Earth life, at this special time of humankind’s homecoming.

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13 Jan, 2019
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2 mins
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