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yet another depressing musing
yet another depressing musing

yet another depressing musing

Sentimental_creature♥ ᵍ๏вℓ𝓲ℕ ♥
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Have you ever heard the term “go out with a bang?”

I have.

More times than I can count.

How do you depict it?

Those people that tell me to go out with a bang..want me to change.

They tell me to stop slouching, to start speaking up, to quit being the way I am. Why don’t they understand that they can’t change me?

They can’t fix my slouch, or my addictions, or my fears, nothing.

It’s funny.

I how I am. It lets me slink into the dark, unnoticed...but yet why do I hate being alone? I’ve never liked people, but how come I have seperation anxiety and paranoia? How come I’m clingy and I can never seem to take a hint that people want to be left alone?

I’ve been trying new things to distract myself from my disgusting, unnatural flaws. I wouldn’t say many of them are good, but they’re better than nothing. ..Right?

I only have a few things worth sticking around for.

But when they’re gone?

...I’ll go out with a bang.

Author Notes: ...sorry. been more depressed than usual, so instead of talking to a professional, i decided to write a sad and pitiful vent. don’t be like me, kiddos.

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♥ ᵍ๏вℓ𝓲ℕ ♥
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18 Nov, 2019
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