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Yobuko's Story
Yobuko's Story

Yobuko's Story

Forever_NooneJames Maybrick
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“Hey Yobuko,” Jacob pleaded “can we get some food? I’m starving” with a grotesque sigh he agreed and they headed to the lunch line. They got their lunch and headed off to their usual spot when Yobuko spotted a girl sitting behind their tree. They were about to leave when Yobuko heard a faint sob escaped from behind them.

“You ok there miss?” Yobuko questioned. The girl tried to be reassuring, but it didn’t fool him. Yobuko took a step closer to take a better look at the girl. Short white hair, blue eyes, and just about as tall Jacob. He found her whole left side of her face bruised and swollen. “You’re hurt” he began “, let me help you. Hey Jacob get me some ice” Jacob ran off and came back in a blink of an eye with the ice.

Yobuko treated her and the teacher called them back from lunch. “Thank you, but I have to…” the girl waved and started walking off, but Yobuko stopped her and asked for her name “Yowane”. She replied only to start running to her class. Yobuko and Jacob threw away their food and parted ways.

Walking into his new class Yobuko planned on sitting in the back and go to sleep for the period. However he found Yowane sitting in the back of the class with nobody sitting near her. He took a seat right next to her and told her “No problem”

After that day Yobuko would always wait for math to sit and talk with her every day. This would be his daily routine for remainder of the school year. Each day they became closer and closer to each other. One day she brought him to her house to meet her parents. Yobuko wanted to bring her home, but told her she shouldn’t. Understanding, she didn’t fight it.

A few days later, Yobuko was going to ask Yowane out. He got up out of bed that morning with a spring in his step to match a frog. He got dressed and spruced up. He looked practically the same as he did every day, just cleaner.

Yobuko stepped out of his door with the most confidence and enthusiasm he’s ever had before. It wasn’t a lot. He thought he should get some breakfast before he left. As he went to the kitchen he heard a commotion on the other side of the door, so he peaked in to see what was going on. To his horror, he saw Jacob on the floor in a cuddled up in a ball in a puddle of blood. He was crying bloody tears, and his clothes torn and soaked.

Yobuko Slammed open the door to find his step-parents standing over Jacob with a crazed look in their eyes. “Come here son,” they cooed softly “we need to talk” Yobuko slammed through them, knocking them down and falling over Jacob. “R-run” Jacob coughed. Yobuko looked to see his eyes shuttering. With one final cough his eyes froze in a deadly white stare.

Recovering from the fall Yobuko got to heed Jacob’s last wish. He fled through the door and ran. Looking behind him, he saw nothing and slowed down. He thought he should calm down and head to Yowane’s.

He hid in a bush to think over what he just saw. It couldn’t have been them right? Yobuko sat and recollected his mind. With a large sigh, he got up out of the bush and sped to Yowane’s. He ignored everyone on the way, speed walking past everyone. No one cared to find out what was wrong though, and he didn’t care if they did.

When Yobuko reached her house, he had tears dripping from his cheeks. He knocked and wiped his face to hide his sadness. The door opened, but it was Yowane’s father that answered. “I’m sorry,” he cried “Yowane can’t come to play today”. Looking up, he saw the man’s face. It was distraught and full of tears. Yobuko’s tears grew greater and he bolted towards the forest with a trail leading right behind him. He heard the door close behind him.

Yobuko stopped at the edge of the forest and thought for a moment. Just to return wince he came. This time however, he wasn’t taking no for an answer. He snuck around the back to Yowane’s window to peak into her room and find that it was empty. He opened the window and quietly crawled in. Yowane was laying on her bed. Yobuko closed the window behind him and walked closer to her. It took a second for her to see him. Her short white hair gleamed from the sunlight, and her eyes glowed. Something seemed off though, for Yobuko saw her beautiful eyes were no longer lit, but were slowly growing dim.

“Yobuko” she whispered “I missed you”. For the first time in his life, Yobuko balled. She pulled him closer for him to land on her shoulder. Her skin was cold, and Yobuko could feel her soft breaths. Yobuko pulled away and took a grasp to her. He stared into her dim blue eyes. Both of the children had tears washing down their cheeks.

“I love you Yowane”. Yowane glared back smiling. Yobuko leaned forward, but it was her to steal his lips. It felt like a blue moon for the two. Yobuko stood away. Yowane’s glistening eyes was the most beautiful thing he has ever saw. He swooped back hugging her softly. That moment it felt like the world didn’t matter. Yobuko would have stayed there on her shoulder forever, but for some reason Yowane was crying. “What’s wrong” he said gently as he lifted his head back up.

Yobuko leaned back and stood up. Taking another look, he saw her skin was deadly pale. All she could do was stare. She smiled upon him. She tried to say something, but there wasn’t a sound leaving her lips. She was crying all her sorrows out when she finally let out a sound. “I… love…”Yobuko sat there watching her eyes grow dimmer. He couldn’t hear her breath anymore. “Yowane!” he sobbed. She lifted her arm, reaching for him. Before she could touch him, her arm fell limp, her eyes closed, and with her final breath, she smiled “… you… t-“

Yobuko cried out heavily, “YOWANE”. He heard the door open behind him, but he didn’t care. He just kneeled at her bedside weeping. Footsteps creaked across the room, still Yobuko didn’t look up from her eyes. The creaking footsteps stopped right behind him. He just laid his down on her shoulder prepared for the worst. A soft voiced spoke behind him “It wasn’t your fault”

Yobuko swung around to see her mother standing over him. Saying nothing he just laid his head back down. “There was nothing you could do about it” the mother tried to say without breaking “I know you loved her, I could see it then and I can see it now… The doctors came over a month ago… and they said our baby was sick and there was nothing we could do about it”

“You… knew?” startled Yobuko froze “You knew, and… and… you didn’t tell me?” Yobuko got up his face now dry, but still trying to cry. He had a blank look in his eyes and ask “C-can you… at least tell me what happened to … her…”

“She had a tumor in the back of her neck. It was causing a cancer that slowly eroded her brain” The mother quietly stepped away to stop and warn him. “You are a nice kid… and I know what happened earlier before you came.” Yobuko just stood there frozen. “Your parents are missing and your brother was killed… The town thinks it was you…Me and my husband would have loved you as our son-in-law…” she sighed and turned for the door “Please do me a favor… run away… run as far as you can… Yowane would never wanted you to be hurt… she truly loved you” Yobuko took one last look as the door closed behind him. Her mother spouted one last line “be safe” Yobuko crawled out of the window and without looking back, ran for the forest.

Author Notes: This is what happened to me when i was a little younger.......

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James Maybrick
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13 Jan, 2017
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