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You Are Born Into Flesh
You Are Born Into Flesh

You Are Born Into Flesh


The following items are the essences of several White Eagle teachings. From ‘The Lightbringer’: ‘You are born into flesh, but in truth you are a spirit and soul who is spending time in earthly life so that your spirit may quicken and grow and once again become conscious of its Divine inheritance. You are by no means limited by your present existence, although to this day millions of people still believe that when their physical body dies, their whole being dies and that’s the end of them. What a surprise they will have when they see their physical body lying inert and dead, and they are still consciously living, in spite of the fact that they have no power to get the earthly body they left behind moving again. This is how your spirit and soul are set free and return into the world of spirit, your true home which is part of the Earth plane.

From ‘Memories of Reincarnation – White Eagle’s Work in the Present Day’: ‘Love is the Universal law of life and God’s will is that you learn how to love wisely, all people and everything else that shares your life with you. This you do by constantly sending out goodwill and light to all. We, your guides in the world of spirit, are working, for a long time unknown to you, on human minds and hearts. The years have been speeding by and we are glad to tell you that humankind has passed the darkest stages of its evolutionary journey.

‘Ever more of you are presently awakening to the inner light of the Christ that is waiting to teach each one of you how to become a perfected son/daughter of God and the human race. As you overcome the desires and passions of your lower animal self, you make room for the living God within you, the Christ Spirit, to manifest in you and your life. The growth of this part of you is our Divine heritage and constant progress in spiritual evolution is your destiny. What you begin today you will continue tomorrow. And in the world of spirit or light you will still be working to guide, inspire and bless humankind, in the same way as many of you are doing, now.’

‘The mystery and the miracle of life is continually making itself known and manifests itself through all your experiences. But those of death reveal themselves when you re-enter into world of spirit and with it regain the conscious awareness that life is eternal. As the spirit and soul withdraw from earthly life they escape into the freedom of their true home, where they are free to explore other levels of existence. Why do you grieve when your loved one has entered into such a much fuller and richer life? Or are you weeping because you are feeling lonely? There is no need for shedding tears over souls who have gone onward to a greater happiness than the Earth plane can offer.’

From ‘Illumination’ first published 1937: ‘Death is a mystery only because you do not understand. As a child is received into earthly life with love and rejoicing, can you imagine with how much more joy returned souls are welcomed to the spirit world? Could you but understand, you would rejoice with them and pray: ‘God, I thank You that my loved one has entered into the fuller and richer life of the spirit.’

‘Would you chain your loved ones down, keep them in some dark cell of age and pain, just because you love them so dearly? Would that be the voice of love? Rather than doing that a truly loving heart cries: ‘Beloved, I raise myself with you into the light. Enter and be joyful there, for in due course I shall be joining you.’

From the Lodge Calendar February 2008: ‘Words can be cheap and may fall as dead ash in the end. Yet, if you base your life on God-action in thought, word and deed, you are acting as a conscious being in the vast world of light where the only genuine and lasting happiness and perfection can be found. Therefore, walk the narrow path of doing what your inner guidance tells you is right. Never forget that you are not walking alone and that your Guardian Angel is helping you in all your endeavours. Whenever you are ready to know more about yourself, God and the world you are living in, it will show you the way.’

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24 Feb, 2020
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