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Reflections On Faith
Reflections On Faith

Reflections On Faith


Reflections On Faith

The energies of our world have changed profoundly since we left the Age of Pisces, an age of blind faith and false beliefs, behind. And now that we are entering ever more deeply into the Age of Aquarius, the old part of our race’s evolutionary pathway lies safely behind us and ever more of us are finding a new faith that is very different from that of all previous ages. It is of a visionary nature that is based on the spiritual knowledge and wisdom that is increasingly flowing intuitively into every heart and soul directly from the Source of our being. This kind of faith is no longer an outer and therefore wobbly manifestation. It is an aspect of consciousness and a part that naturally belongs to every soul. It is an awareness that reveals its presence as a deep inner knowing that there really is a Great plan of life, in which each one of us has their allocated place and role to play.

When we find out and finally accept that everything that has ever happened in our world did so for good and wise reasons, we realise that the Universal Force, the Great Father/Mother of all life, really does love us and that all life has always rested safely in its loving hands. As our understanding of God’s true nature and our own grows, our faith and trust in the existence we have presently been allocated also expands. Knowing that this force has always been on our side and did know exactly what it was doing, helps us to trust that we shall be safe wherever our destiny may wish to take us and that in all Eternity.

True faith is born in human souls from the knowledge that life is good and always moving forwards on all its levels. Faith accepts that we cannot direct life but that, if we relax into it, all will be well for as long as we do not try to control its flow but learn to go with it, whilst listening to our inner guidance to tell us what is right or wrong for us in any given moment. When we do this and give of our best to work with the Universe, instead of against it, God and the Angels bring healing for us and our lives. Without such faith our lives will always remain empty, lacking focus and a centre, and that makes earthly life an extremely frightening experience for sensitive human souls.

Some believe that faith is a second rate option and many seem to think that religions can give people faith. Yet, some of the most devout church-goers that ever came my way were utterly bereft of faith, i.e. they had no trust in the goodness of life whatever. To this day, I am wondering whether the reason why these people go to church such a lot is that they are hoping that one fine day they will find faith there. However, genuine and lasting faith cannot be imparted by religions or anyone or anything else, because it is something that has to grow from within. It makes no difference whether one follows one of the religions of our world or none at all. The kind of faith we are on the Earth plane to seek can only be found by living our life and finding out that it really is a good and fair life from the reactions of the world around us to our own actions. It is good and right to seek the support of groups and to have some input into them, but whoever they may be, they cannot give us faith.

Yet, faith is vital for our survival, as an individual and as a species, because it lifts us above a purely earthly existence and expands our consciousness to an ever increasing perception of the higher levels of life, beyond that which is familiar to most. It enables us to travel farther, and to dream bigger. Let me tell you from first hand experience that in the final analysis, Earth life remains a dreary journey that lacks direction, purpose and meaning, until one becomes aware of what and who we truly are, and why we are here.

The recognition of this alone can give us a reason for living meaningfully and for choosing wisely, at all times. Until we find out that our life, the same as everybody else’s, indeed has purpose and meaning, true faith has little chance of growing from within. With the understanding that we have come into this lifetime in order to walk a certain pathway that is meant to teach us some much needed lessons, life itself finally helps us to build our existence on solid foundations and we recognise that every experience that comes our way presents us with more opportunities for growing ever more heaven-tall.

* * *

Faith Is Like Fulfilment

True happiness grows from trusting the goodness of life and feeling satisfied and fulfilled. This takes faith, yet fulfilment and faith cannot come from without, they have to grow from within. To this day, for far too many life seems to have become a constant search for fulfilment and stimulus from without, i.e. sheer pleasure-seeking. To find genuine fulfilment, lasting happiness and inner peace, faith is our most vital ingredient of all. By that I don’t mean blinding ourselves to what is happening in the world around us, which far too many to this day seem to think of as their only reality. Faith is something rather elusive, which brings with it an urge to search for the good in everything and everyone. It is an increasing inner understanding of our own and everybody else’s inherent kindness and godliness and the wish to bring it forth and share it with others.

True faith, the kind that has organically grown from within, lends us the vision of recognising what lies beneath the surface of things, people and situations. With faith, we begin to recognise the good that is always there, in any situation and any person, if we but open our inner eyes to perceive it. This kind of faith enables us to give in to that aching need of our soul to become more loving and giving. Faith is an inner knowingness of what is right and wrong in any situation, and a trust that, when we do our best in all our endeavours, God will do the rest. Our inner teacher alone can tell us what is truly good and right for us, in any given moment. What might have been right yesterday may no longer be right today. It is everybody’s birthright to enjoy the protection and guidance of their inner teacher.

By the way, nobody ever said that faith is an easy option or an escape route. Quite the opposite! But the going gets smoother, the more our faith in the Universe’s gently helping, supporting and guiding hand grows in us. Faith is an inner hunger and thirst to find truth, and to tell the truth. It is a quest for knowing that which comes directly from God and is therefore pure, true and eternal. It is that which helps us to tap into our own inner fountain of truth, wisdom and knowledge, so that we no longer need to accept what anyone else says, unless it has been verified from within.

Faith grows from knowing that we are all here together to learn certain lessons from each other; and that sometimes we find ourselves in the role of pupil and other times as teacher. Faith comes when we realise that no-one and nothing really is our enemy, except the ignorance our small and fearful earthly self is riddled with; and all its fears are caused by not knowing. Yet, wise ones who learn to walk in faith, trustingly put their hand into the hands of God and the Angels and ask them to help them overcome their ignorance and, through it, all their fears.

Faith is no option for cowards. It takes a lot of bravery to trust God implicitly, to be able to say whole-heartedly: ‘Thy Will be done!’ and mean it, whatever the consequences may be. Just try it, and you will see what is meant. Faith provides our heart and soul with a harbour, a place where we can drop anchor and know that we are safe. Living with faith gives us the strength to trust that everything will always come right in the end, no matter how dire things may sometimes appear to be, on the surface of things. To have faith means to accept that life on Earth is a school and that we are all on an evolutionary pathway. It means trusting that in this school there are no sinners and no losers, only learners. For as long as we are willing to learn and grow through every experience, we shall always be one of life’s winners.

Wise ones have learnt from their own experiences that if they but persevere no matter what happens, with the help and Will of God, they will always go forward and gain something, if only in wisdom and understanding. They know that as long as they are willing to continue learning, they will always gain in consciousness. Because they are prepared to look for what every experience is trying to bring them, their understanding of their own true nature and God’s role in their life and all life constantly expands. They never give up on anything or anyone, because they appreciate that what they have learnt and gained in consciousness will be the only thing they shall be allowed to take with them when they leave their physical body behind, at the end of each lifetime, and that it is their to keep, in all eternity.

* * *

Living Without Faith

My own life has taught me that living without faith means to be spiritually dead, because one’s most vital part – the spirit – is asleep. If we wish to become fully alive, the spirit has to wake up and become aware of its own presence again. Faith and trust are the ingredients we all need, if we want to find and fulfil the special purpose of our creation, as we are meant to. Although living without faith may not deny us worldly success, for as long as our life remains ungrounded in faith, in the long run, everything eventually turns to ashes in our mouth, and nothing will ever bring us lasting satisfaction and fulfilment.

Faith opens our vision to the highest levels of existence; it gives our life purpose, meaning and structure; and it enlarges our vision so that we begin to peer beyond the end of our nose, into our true reality and eternity. Faith allows us to rest safely in the knowledge that we have a right to be where we are, because that is exactly where God wants us to be, at any given moment. Faith is our trust in that everything in God’s Creation has a purpose and a reason, including us and our life.

As faith cannot be found anywhere, except inside us, looking for it is a solitary pursuit. It does not come from reading books, and it is unlikely to be drawn from something that has been handed down to us through long lines of deception, manipulation, exploitation, treachery, abuse and cruelty. All those things were and still are being committed in the name of a Creator, who is supposed to be just and loving, yet does not step in when such things are happening everywhere, to this day. How could intelligent beings ever have been expected to trust that kind of a God? In the chapter ‘Is there a God?’ of volume one of these jottings you can read more about this.

Only through becoming aware of what life really is all about and through accepting that we are responsible for ourselves and everything that is in us and our world to truly appreciate the great goodness and kindness of our Father/Mother Creator. Small children as we spiritually all are, each one of us stands before a God so infinitely wise, good and just that it is hard for human souls to grasp the depth of the love that holds all life and lifeforms in Its loving hands. Faith grows out of taking charge of ourselves and from aiming every thought, word, and action towards the highest good of all. No-one can give us faith because it already is within us, waiting to come alive again; it needs to be tapped into so that it can grow ever stronger.

* * *

Our Two Most Intimate Relationships

Our two most intimate and complex relationships are the one with ourselves and the one with God, not as an external force, but as the spirit of love and goodness, honesty and truth that is a natural part of each one of us that is merely waiting to be consciously accepted and integrated by us. The more we become familiar with the processes of life, the more our faith in life grows. The only way of learning to trust life and its goodness is by testing and trying it, and by living it to the full, never by retreating from it in defeat. Wise ones find that with a better understanding of the laws of the Universe, which apply to all life and lifeforms, conquering the instincts of their lower earthly self becomes easier. Being aware that the law of Karma ensures that everything has to return to its source, and that whatever they send out into the world, inevitably has to find its way back to them, enables them to create nothing but good Karma.

When you can see with your own eyes how the good you once sent out into the world does indeed return to you – though not necessarily through the people it was given to – your faith and trust in the goodness and wisdom of the One who created this life increases steadily. That is why, listening to their inner guidance, wise ones do what is good and right, rather than what is convenient. At all times they give of their best because they know that in due course nothing but more of the same will return to them. Thus their inner vision develops that enables them to see for themselves how fair and just, as well as loving and wise our Creator is. Thus their inner trust that their own life and all life truly is good grows stronger with every passing day. This continues until their faith finally can no longer be shaken or taken away by anyone, ever again.

These wise ones have found true faith, the kind we are meant to develop when all belief systems of our world have failed us and let us down, and when not a shred of faith in anything seems to be left in us. This faith does not consist of a running with any herd, but is something individual between us and our Creator that eventually awakens in every heart. To have faith then means we believe in ourselves, the purpose of our own life and all life. It is a learning to trust our ability to think our own positive and creative thoughts, which we are willing to follow up by positive actions.

When, with the help of God, we have become the master of our emotions, instead of allowing them mastery over us, we will also have learnt to trust our own reactions in all situations. As we are gathering first-hand knowledge of how God guides us, from within through the world of our innermost feelings, there slowly grows within us faith in ourselves and our ability to handle all situations. Gradually, we know that with the help of the living God within us, our inner guidance, we can achieve the mastery we all have to find, if we wish to evolve and grow sufficiently for our existence to finally rise above the physical plane.

Faith is the eternal well that springs forth from God. It nurtures our soul and spirit, who is one with God – always has been and always will be. Faith is capable of lifting us and our life above mediocrity, onto less mundane and more exciting levels of existence that have always been known to our soul and spirit. To have faith means to ever more trust our own abilities and to know that we can draw on endless amounts of inner strength, because it comes from God. It is that which is going to help us master any condition we may encounter with love, kindness and wisdom.

However, many times the emotions of our world, individually and collectively, run fierce and high. This brings us opportunities for learning how to master our earthly self by playing the part of our Highest or Christ Self and say to small self’s fears and anxieties: ‘Peace, be still, all is well with us and our world! Everything rests safely in God’s hands, no matter what happens.’ The trouble is that, when fear gets hold of people, they begin to feel resentful and think they have to defend themselves and their honour against imaginary assaults. At moments like that the voice of our Highest Self needs to reach out to these people and approach them on the innermost level to tell them: ‘Peace, be still. You are my sister/brother, I love you and would never hurt or harm you.’

The Jesus legend’s story of the Master walking on the water is a demonstration of how each one of us eventually has to take charge of every part of our being, including controlling and mastering our emotions. The water is a symbol for the world of our feelings and emotions. In our prayers, meditations and quiet reflections the waters of this world can be calmed by turning to the Kingdom of Heaven and finding the stillness and peace on the innermost level of our being. When it has been reached, the heavenly influences can pour into us to heal all parts of our being and from there flow into every member of the human family and our whole world.

I find it comforting to know that although every expression of life that is presently known on the Earth plane is still very crude, the more we advance on the evolutionary spiral of life, the expressions, forms and colours we are familiar with will not be removed. They merely become more intensified and beautiful. This means that we can be quite sure that the things we have always longed for and missed in our earthly existence will eventually manifest, just the way we would like them to be. This knowledge is an excellent star to follow. It provides us with the assurance and comfort we earthlings so urgently need.

So long as this you fail to see:
That death precedes re-birth!
A gloomy guest you’ll always be,
Upon this darkling Earth.

From: ‘The Soul’s Yearning’
‘Seliges Verlangen’

* * *

Help Me To Believe

O Holy Trinity,
Great Spirit, Father/Mother Creator,
And Your only born Son/Daughter,
The Spirit of the Universal Christ,
Light of all lights and Sun of all Suns,
Please hear my prayer.
I so very much want to believe in You and trust.
Although I know that Your love and mercy are
Endless and as deep as the deepest ocean of our world,
And that Your forgiveness and understanding
For the trials and tribulations
Of all human hearts is very real,
But still I doubt.

Through an ever increasing understanding
Of the mysteries of my own existence and Yours,
And my relationship with You,
Help me to overcome every last trace of my unbelief.
Let my perceptions no longer be based on
Mere surface words, but a deep inner knowingness
Of the hidden meanings behind the texts of
The sacred teachings of our world.
And assist every one of Your children of the Earth
To grasp Your wisdom and truth,
The way many did in past lifetimes,
When this kind of consciousness was known as gnosis.
Help all of us to enter into this state.

The spiritual rebirth our race has for so long been waiting for,
Is dawning at last and ever more of us realise
That it was You and Your helpers,
The Angels and Masters of the spirit world, our true home,
Supported by their assistants, who has lovingly guided
Each one of us through the dark night
Of thinking that we are struggling on our own
In earthly life.

I thank you for allowing me to know that this happened
For a wise higher reason, the same as everything else
That ever takes place in our world.
The dark night is necessary for every human being
Because it teaches us how to appreciate the joy
Of reconnecting and consciously being one again
With You and all life, when it eventually comes about.
That’s why all human beings first have to lose the awareness
Of their inner connection with You,
Although in truth nothing will ever be able to take it away.
At some stage of their development, all human beings
Have to work their way through the narrow tunnel
Of thinking that they are on their own.

Now that the Age of Aquarius is with us
And having become aware of my true nature again,
I rejoice that Your total and unconditional love
Is bringing us and our world a renewed understanding
Of Your eternal wisdom and truth,
So that ever more of us are consciously gaining
Access to the healing rays of the Universal Christ,
To do their share of bringing about
The rebirth of every soul and that of our world.

With all my heart and soul I beg of You and the Angels
That any lack of faith in You in all human hearts
Should be replaced by a deep inner awareness
Of Your Divine presence in everything that is
And therefore also in my companions and me.
Hand in hand with You and the Angels,
Each on their own and all of us together
Are walking back home into the
Conscious awareness of our true nature
And oneness with You.

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
As surely as every night is followed by a new day,
Now that the darkest hour of humankind’s spirit and soul
Has almost run its course and is reaching its natural end,
May the radiance of Your Light reign supreme,
For ever and ever.


* * *

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