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Your Destiny Is Glorious
Your Destiny Is Glorious

Your Destiny Is Glorious


The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘White Eagle’s Little Book Of Healing Comfort’: ‘God is the Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Christ spirit. This is the Universal power and light, wisdom and love through which all things on every level of life come into being. God is in everything and everything is in God. S/He is therefore present in anything that manifests itself on every level of your planet. On the inner plane life has always remained one vast living and breathing organism.

‘Because you are part of God and God is part of you, you too are in everything, even though during the early part of its existence in physicality your earthly self was unaware of this. Without you consciously knowing about it, you have always been in search of experiences that will help you grow in wisdom and understanding and lead to an expansion of your consciousness. For all human beings this continues until the outer as well as the inner parts of their nature have become consciously aware of the presence of God in every aspect of their own being, as well as every other lifeform in your world and all others.

‘Every particle of you on the physical, mental, spiritual and astral planes is part of God and its essence is infinite and eternal. You are related to God not merely because your spirit is a spark of the Divine, but because every cell and atom of your physical body contains it. God cannot be separated from anything that exists anywhere on Earth or in the Heavens, i.e. the higher and highest levels of life. And nothing anywhere in the whole of Creation is beyond or out of the reach of God’s will and power.

‘Every one of God’s characteristics and powers is also in you, the highest and the best and most noble as well as the worst and most evil. Yet, everything exists for wise reasons and a high and holy destiny ultimately awaits all God’s children of the Earth. As each one of you is spark of the Divine and a child of God, you are young Gods in the making and that’s a truly glorious pathway to walk. Knowing this, let your inner light shine and never grow tired of being a good, wise and positive influence in your world. Pray for the gift of Divine courage and strength to help you keep on serving the good of the whole through freely and unselfishly sharing your gifts and talents that are likely to have taken many lifetimes to develop.

‘Give without hesitation and rest safely in the knowledge that when you do your best on the physical, mental and spiritual planes of life, wherever you may find yourself at any given moment, nothing but more of the same will return to you in due course. Try it out for yourself, so that life itself through your own experiences can teach you that there really is nothing to fear and everything to live, strive and look forward to.’ Everything that is in your life is there only by the grace and the will of your true parents, the great Father/Mother of all life, so do not forget to daily express your gratitude for all their gifts, material as well as spiritual.’

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15 Jul, 2020
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2 mins
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