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Yours Truly- Your Ex Pt. 2
Yours Truly- Your Ex Pt. 2

Yours Truly- Your Ex Pt. 2

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Storms POV

"Why did we do that?" he asked me as we got dressed,

"Cause we liked it?" I told him, gosh

he was hot n' sexy and everything his six-pack and v-line,

he could pass for a Hemsworth,

"How are we gonna tell Utah?"

"Uhhhhh, text him?" I asked.

I knew he doesn't want Utah to know,

"We are not going to tell him," Tokyo told me with the most serious look I've ever seen him with, "You two are back together and I don't wanna ruin our friendship," he told me as I checked my phone, I had 18 calls from my dad and 1 call from my sister unanswered.

"I have to go," I told him as I kissed him, for what felt like hours.

~After the ride home~

I was grounded for half a year.

Because I didn't answer 19 calls between my dad and my sister.

The only place I could go to was school and study groups for school.

And they weren't really the best.

Tokyo and I kept our relationship a secret while I was with


After the six months passed by I made certain that I always told my dad I'm gonna sleep by a friend.

And this was my life before college.

There is way more drama to come.

𝓨𝓸𝓾𝓻'𝓼 𝓽𝓻𝓾𝓵𝔂

🐣😝 𝕐o𝓤r 𝓔ˣ ☮🎉

Author Notes: Hope you liked it!
I WILL do a series of college life!
Yall know what to do!

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19 Mar, 2020
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