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Zen 3: Sunrise
Zen 3: Sunrise

Zen 3: Sunrise

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You sigh and tilt your head back.You dug your fingernails into the dirt. You were sitting on a small hill very close to a beach. It streatched for miles, carving out the landscape. Nobody was in sight. You had the magnificent place all to yourself.

Behind you, you could hear a whoosh of the gale and a flap of the trees. I turn around, twisting your neck. It was still dark out, stars watching you, silent.

You squinted at the small forest behind you. Even the dark, you could see the sea of green. Lush plants with colorful flowers sprouted everywhere, adding an artistic touch to the forest. You turned back to real sea.

The sun was still nowhere is sight. But you didn't really care. The stars were beautiful. Here, away from civilization, you could clearly see the milky way. You thought about the vast universe. You assumed, considering the size of the world, that there must be something or someone out there.

It was weirdly comfortable to know that you weren't alone, despite being away from any other human being.

Then you saw it; a tiny sliver of red appeard in the horizon. It colored the sky and sea peach pink, like pastel colors.

You got up, brushing yourself off. You slowly walk to beach, making your way done the small hill, rubbing off any dirt that stuck to your fingernails.

You took off your flip-flops. You were wearing shorts; a navy blue one and a white shirt. You look back at the forest. Your shorts matched perfectly the sky over there. You then turned back to the rising sun. It started to take a more red hue.

Soon enough, one thick red line coated the whole flat horizon. From there, there was a gradient from crimson red to navy blue.

The water lapped the shores. You could smell fire, yet it wasn't chocking and you knew it wasn't a wildfire. There was a tangy smell of s'mores. You closed your eyes, enjoying the sweet aftertaste in your mouth. You could feel a few specks of ashes wrapping around you. Ashes of memories and the past.

You open your eyes once again, and there, you could see in front of you a sliver of the sun. A blinding yellow spot, coloring the waves a beautiful orange. The sky around the sun turned from red to orange to yellow, like a crackling fire duirng Christmas.

You wade into the water, leaving your shoes behind. It comes up to your knees. It was cold, but not freezing. The waves felt like an embrace, as if the water was hugging you tight, telling you to enjoy.

You watched the sunrise. As the sun made its way up through the sky, you couldn't help but admire how the colors changed so quickly, yet swiflty.

Sooner than you realized, the sunrise was almost done. The very tip of the ball of fire was touching where the sea and the sky met. Yet now, you could barely tell them apart. They both radiated red and orange, as well as warmth and joy.

The clouds as they changed from a dull gray to cotton-candy pink to white. You imagined youself laying in them, like big fluffly pillows.

But you know you couldn't lay on clouds. You would fall right through.

But one could always dream.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading! Tell me if it calmed you or not with a review. Thank you so much for reading! See ya!

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25 Mar, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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