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Lollipop_56The Wraith
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You're walking down the beach. The water is a nice blue green shade. The waves crash against the sand, like a beat to a music. The sand itself is sunshine yellow, glinting in the sun like a thousand diamonds. The clear sky offers no clouds. You sigh happily as you enjoy the sunshine on your skin. You walk and walk, the waves erasing your footptints as if you were never there.

You arrive at a cliff. You walk to the edge and pear over. The fall was long, but there were no jagged rocks on the bottom. A nice shade of navy blue rested peacefully down there, signaling a deep hole. You put up your arms and jump before you could think twice.

You fall down; the air on your face makes you giddy. You scream; not of fear; but of happiness. Then you hit the water.

The water was warm; your vision is filled with a blurry teal color. The water cuddles you and it feels like comforting arms hugging you. You lose yourself, your senses muted.

When you come back up for a breath, the salty air makes you relax. You laugh, your medolic voice carries all across the valley.

Happiness is right here, in your head, in your mind. You just have to find it.

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The Wraith
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26 Jan, 2019
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1 min
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