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AaronTheRocker is from US United States • 17 y/o • Male

Rock and Metal isn't just music, it's a lifestyle!😎 So crank it up!🔊

Reviews Given

Dam and Damn by King

Beautiful. Just *sniff Beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye.

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Frane Selak: Lucky or Not? by Kat Dickens

Poor guy. Living to know that all the people surrounding you die except for you. I'd say he's a deathtrap so that would make him unlucky.

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The Struggle of Writing by Macy

Preach it girl.
My personal thought, if you ended with a self-statement like, "to make my mark.", I would give you the Italian perfecton gesture (like when food is made just perfect). In all aspect of it though, writing about how hard it is to write is the best way to feel like you did some qualty writing.

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The Night We Met by Macy

Talk about self inflicting wounds of love. That just describes it there.

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Self-Realizations and the Power of Love by Kiraa

I like the message you have in this, "The art of self deflecting is dangerous and will swallow you whole if you don't grab a hold of it." That is a true line we should all know of.
Darkness is one of the strongest forces in the universe to make us lost, but light can peer through showing us some direction where we are going.
Again, with some music based stuff for how you bring up God in this writing, it reminds me of the song "Love Me" by a Christian Metal band, Holy Soldier, that hits the meaning home for me when these lyrics are brought in,
"I've died inside
Open my eyes
God, are You still there?
It's up to You
To see me through"
I'll also check out Passion.
Sorry that this comment is a little long.

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A Twisted Picture by JustSomeGirl

Life is full of knife twisting. It's our job heal the wounds before it's too late.

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We run the world. by Kiraa

So what you're saying is like the song by the Heavy Metal group Dio with the song, "Stand Up and Shout".
I like it

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Music Can Change a Person by negatorri

If Odd was playing along to the Metal ballad "Keep Holding On" by Wasp, that would be perfect because that song has the bongos.
Great idea for a story.

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