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Afterword is from US United States • 69 y/o • Male

Good Luck Kate
Story by JPYoung (65)
Two school friends delightfully reunite in a remote country village. The visitor is possessed of an unusual power that she demonstrates...
12 mins
Words: 2509
Read Time: 12 mins
Séance Macabre
Story by JPYoung (65)
When the grief stricken gullible meet the felonious fraudsters the unexpected leaps out...
13 mins
Words: 2741
Read Time: 13 mins
The Soul's Pathway Through the Zodiac
Musing by Aquarius (84)
For aeons my earthly self believed it was a lost and fallen Angel from a misty and half forgotten galaxy of Stars.
2 mins
Words: 568
Read Time: 2 mins
The Old Woman at the Cottage
Story by melissahassan (46)
A story about a ghostly encounter.
3 mins
Words: 793
Read Time: 3 mins