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Andraaknas is from US United States • 26 y/o • Male

Poetry galore

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a happier tornado of emotions by ♥ 𝐂ℓ๏ŴภẸ𝐘 ♥

Really, really damn relatable. Keep it up my dude ^w^

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Nothing by golden

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I'll Be There Tonight by Callie_Writes

I feel the same way, in terms of recent events. If you want to talk, text me, I'm a good shoulder to cry onto. This was great

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Sorry by Rishi Goel

Wow dude. I feel what you're feeling. If you wanna talk, just text me. I'll be here.

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Two Friends by Thomas Ray

The last lines "Will When will I be happy again? Maybe someday." really hit home, dude. Good job!

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Life Is a Struggle; Love, the Same by NobodyImportant

This poem was very moving. I loved it, and to be honest I've felt the same. I wish you luck.

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