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ASwordslasher is from IN India • 17 y/o • Female

Take care 😊😊😇

Reviews Given

Loyalty by SJD ❤

It is like portraying the reality with the help of words. It sure is hard to find good friends but then again, gems are known for being rare.

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Bad Bit*h by ask_again

Woah!! I love the rhyming, and so smoothly you explained all that... no words. Keep it up.

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No Sympathy by ask_again

If I have no grief of losing someone then does it mean that I never actually loved him?

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Water by Thomas Ray

Who is Kent? Some friend of Mark? Or, his own self? Anyway, it's mysterious and thus fun.😁😁

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Alone by SJD ❤

Really appreciate the way you express, in such a simple way, the things we teenagers usually go through

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My Heart Has Been Stolen by SJD ❤

Simple and beautiful. Keep it up 😊😊

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Best Friends by Tammy : )

That's cute, relatable, well expressed and beautiful. Keep it up.😊😊

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This Is Me by Hazbin

"Circumstances are nothing in front of your strength"( hope it makes you feel better, it's true though). Keep it up.😇

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