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autumn is from BA Bosnia and Herzegovina • 6 y/o • Female


Reviews Given

Back Again? by wilkersont425

good. the emotion is a little more here this time! like it. keep it up :)

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"The Monster" by TheSerenitianGoddess

wow. just wow.

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When the Glue Ran Out. by wilkersont425

this is good, i find it slightly empty, lacking emotion. there's emotion in there but as a reader i can't connect to it. it's written well and with a bit more work, it will be great.
don't mean to offend you, so please don't think that. this is just my opinion.

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Let Me Out by NobodyImportant

you have a great way with words

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Can I have a bl*w job? by Galaxian

strange, but funny

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Sharing by Máté Fazakas

this is really good. i like it and it's relatable. :)

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