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Chris-r82 is from GB United Kingdom • 39 y/o

Can 1 man revolutionize an entire justice system..from within? Justin Rhodes believes he can do just that. But at what cost?
11 mins
Words: 2258
Read Time: 11 mins
What would happen if your team were plunged into financial crisis and their existence threatened? Kelvindale, a successful Scottish football team are faced with liquidation, who will save them?
28 mins
Words: 5601
Read Time: 28 mins
Revival - Part 2
With the appointing of an unknown manager, Kelvindale, once giants of Scottish football, are forced to start life in the Third Division. With the eyes of the nations media on them, can they succeed?
40 mins
Words: 8056
Read Time: 40 mins
Ghosts And Demons
ghosts, do they exist or not? if so, what can you do about it?
1 min
Words: 241
Read Time: 1 min
The Zombie
A glimpse into the life of your average Zombie
1 min
Words: 261
Read Time: 1 min
Vanishing Justice
Two crimes, Two Guilty men, One mysterious stranger. Can it really be a coincidence that both men vanished after coming into contact with this stranger?
3 mins
Words: 709
Read Time: 3 mins