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fairaie1234 is from GB United Kingdom • 21 y/o

A Gang life for me...
Story by Scory (32)
A girl moves to Miami with her horrible mother, and falls in love with a man with a troubled past and future. A Gang's leader falls in love.....
14 mins
Words: 2947
Read Time: 14 mins
what will happen
Story by fairaie1234 (21)
amy is a young girl goes on a hike, finds a town..... goes into the cave near the town hears a sound........... want to find out what happens, read the story......
6 mins
Words: 1270
Read Time: 6 mins
The Ghost of Jake
Story by 8823johnh (38)
The Ghost of Jake By J.A. Homer Tears ran down Jo's cheek as they lowered the tiny casket into... (continued)
19 mins
Words: 3855
Read Time: 19 mins