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Ghost is from US United States • 23 y/o • Male

A shattered mirror shows more than a collected one
I laughed 'til I cried cried, cried with no one to hold me and calm me My anger burned a hole in my ... (continued)
<1 min
Words: 159
Read Time: <1 min
Zen 2: Peace of the Mind
Musing by scorp (17)
This helps you calm down.
1 min
Words: 251
Read Time: 1 min
Story by scorp (17)
Relax and let Life deal with it.
1 min
Words: 217
Read Time: 1 min
A Student's Worth
Story by TheForgotten (22)
When a letter determines your worth...
1 min
Words: 211
Read Time: 1 min