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Ghost is from US United States • 14 y/o • Female

A shattered mirror shows more than a collected one

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A Student's Worth by TheForgotten

I completely agree that grades mean nothing on a persons worth. This is a great poem
Funnily enough I was planning to write a poem on this...

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He Broke Me..... by williams2001

This was well written and I kind of have to ask
Did this happen to you? Its hard to tell over text if such a thing did or didn't and it does affect the impact of the reading some,well might just be me.

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Try by Lilith_Garnet

During your free time? This is really good,the pacing of it is really nice cause you don't need to think much and it flows really smooth.Great job!

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Dealing With Depression for Me by Devilchild

Its great the story not the depression or loss for that matter. Yeah I get your feeling on depression and the whole thing flows nicely.

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Where Did It Come From? Where Did It Go? by GoodVibes

It is great,for changes that I personally would make it would be erasing the third line. That is just me though and for 12 years old this is really good. Keep it up!

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Hate by SmileyKitty

For the story: it is great! Not much else to say there
For your issue if it still is a thing: Why do you hate yourself? I won't tell you think happy you've tried but attempt to find the source. It sorta seems like it comes from comparing your self to others. Regardless great story!

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"Don't End Up Like Mommy Did." by untiltheend

Well... I guess first is this true?
If so thank god for people like you
If not you are an extremely descriptive writer. I felt nearly everything you said and I have really bad empathy for others.
Regardless of weather or not this story is true you did a really great job and I hope you are doing well now and in the future.

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"Broken" by TheSerenitianGoddess

Well you answered the first question
It flows well and tells of a tragedy and it seems the depression resulting from it
I happen to know well the depression you mention
I've read this 3 times now and can't find anything i would change at all. Good Job.
And I do have to ask is the person you?

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