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Hermione Malfoy

HermioneMalfoy is from VG Virgin Islands, British • 15 y/o • Female

"books! and cleverness! there are more important things...friendship and bravery."

Conquering Stress
Story by Aquarius (85)
From ‘Greetings From The Wise One Within’
2 mins
Words: 463
Read Time: 2 mins
The Day After My Suicide
Musing by HeaveN (13)
This means a lot to me, and this is for people who need support..
1 min
Words: 352
Read Time: 1 min
More Than One Story
Musing by Annabeth Chase (21)
Nobody is just one thing, we're all mixtures of many different pieces
<1 min
Words: 193
Read Time: <1 min