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JPYoung is from AU Australia • 64 y/o

Reviews Given

Dear Younger Me by 🖤Buttercup!❤️

The wonderful truth...

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Set in Stone by Afterword

The familiarity of a Club Med holiday with a great twist at the end!

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Dreamscapes by Leonardo

A fine imaginative story with suspense and hopefulness. Conceive and perceive!

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The Umbrella Man by jonofizmir

This wonderful descriptive story takes you a fascinating traditional Turkey without leaving your home!

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Repentance by SP Singh

This enjoyably vivid story makes you feel as if you're travelling on a sub-continental express train in the same compartment with two interesting and believable ladies.

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The Kiss by SP Singh

Compelling and evocative...with an unexpected ending.

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The Skin Tin by ClaudiaM

Well done! Like Chubby Checker, it's a great twist!

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