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Khaled Saeed

khaledsaeed is from PK Pakistan • 67 y/o • Male

Reviews Given

Face of the Earth by Matt Decker

Numbed! Totally numbed by the creativity of expression and the sheer clarity of thought.
Matt Decker, you did it again

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Come to Me, My Truly Beloved by Aquarius

These words would be hard for the materialistic mind to grasp but for those hearts that have learned to feel, it is a goldmine of wisdom.
Rumi had the insight and awareness but your understanding and appreciation brings it to life in simple English. Thank you, Aquarius.

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The Itty-bitty City by Matt Decker

Beautifully crafted

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Second Place by TheForgotten

Some growing pains never end. You've captured the emotional side of living in a simple yet appealing narrative.

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The Irony of Life and Death by Able_Acronym

Despite your personal pain, through this story, you found a great way to offer excellent advise. Yes, life is precious and it is a one-way street.

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Is Allen an Alien? by Matt Decker

Interesting twist at the end. Put things in deeper perspective.

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Bittersweet Memories by NobodyImportant

Thanks, (Somebody)important, you presented it eloquently.
To add to the beautiful style of writing, maybe you would accept some suggestion.
A few line breaks might have been given the reader the right pause.
The following line, (He traveled here every year on this same day, whether it was snowing or sweltering.) may need a rethink. On a given date of the same month, the weather would probably be the variation of the same, not the opposites like snowing or sweltering.
But, once again, thank you so much for such a beautiful piece of captured emotions.

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The Catafalque-Dweller by zameee10

Simple language but a very powerful narrative. May your brother be blessed, I can relate to your feelings.

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