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makayleepower is from CA Canada • 17 y/o • Female

People say I have a heart of gold; but I'm pretty sure gold doesn't break into a thousand pieces like glass.

Reviews Given

Shouldn't by TheForgotten

love this!!

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Dedication to a Broken Heart by NobodyImportant

Such a great message and good read I LOVE this!

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A Broken Heart by TheForgotten

This really hit me hard! Its so true the world breaks our heart with the fiction and the boy just does what the world doesn't prepare you for!

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Someone I Used to Know by TheForgotten

Love this! I have felt like this so many times and am in love with this writing!

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I'm Waiting by Swapna

I love this!! A lot of people just chose off the "available list" but what's that? you need to wait for mr. right!

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The Sound of Silence by Auron

I love this!! So very true!!

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You Made These Choices - I Suffered for Them by Kat


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Wings by kkhause

I love this!! so touching and emotional! great job, definitely one of my favorites!

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