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polaroid is from US United States • 15 y/o • Female

In my mind, everything wanders.
How Fast Can They Fall
Story by Thomas Ray (18)
You would think people with the ability to wield near unstoppable powers would rule the world. But when everyone holds that power, things are different.
6 mins
Words: 1369
Read Time: 6 mins
The War Between Looks and Love
Poem by TheForgotten (19)
A poem about the conflict in searching for looks and love and the pressure put on people...
1 min
Words: 275
Read Time: 1 min
My personal experience with depression. Touches on what I've gone through and how lucky I am to be where I am today.
2 mins
Words: 435
Read Time: 2 mins
I'm Fine
Musing by 505771 (13)
What people useually mean when they say "I'm Fine"
<1 min
Words: 64
Read Time: <1 min
The Girl Who Was Scared to Love
Story by why_now (17)
She was scared to love... until she met him
2 mins
Words: 520
Read Time: 2 mins