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RonnieJ is from US United States • 65 y/o

My Step Daughter is a Lesbian
What do you do when you find out your child is gay?
7 mins
Words: 1438
Read Time: 7 mins
A Fine Day to go Hunting
Throngaar was able to go hunting the way it was meant to be thanks to the great change brought about the council of powerful wizards.
9 mins
Words: 1863
Read Time: 9 mins
Charlie was both, good luck Charley and bad luck Charlie. Born rich, ended up a pauper, but the love he found would last forever.
18 mins
Words: 3605
Read Time: 18 mins
The Bad Deal
Bad deals, we all make them from time to time. Hopefully, there's a lesson here that we can all learn, particularly those lucky enough to be husbands.
4 mins
Words: 958
Read Time: 4 mins
Leapekin was a bitter old dwarf who lived in Ireland. His bitterness led to a way where he could exact his own revenge on the "bigfolks" who'd usurped his power.
8 mins
Words: 1767
Read Time: 8 mins
Picking Flowers
Pam made mistakes. A pregnant teen, disowned by her parents, did everything to keep her baby. Later, her and her young daughter's greatest joy was picking flowers together. Based on actual events.
13 mins
Words: 2628
Read Time: 13 mins
Everything goes in circles, from life cycles to the cosmos. Two housewives, worlds apart face the same problem ... and what is global warming?
6 mins
Words: 1237
Read Time: 6 mins
We've all heard them, some of them we even believe. This fact filled story is hopefully humorous and might leave you wondering.
10 mins
Words: 2137
Read Time: 10 mins
The End of a Hermit
This is a cute story the whole family can enjoy. Hopefully, it will leave you with a smile!
8 mins
Words: 1633
Read Time: 8 mins
A Different Kind of Courage
8 year old Rebecca finds there's more than one kind of courage when she has to choose between friends. Written with UK punctuation.
19 mins
Words: 3801
Read Time: 19 mins
The Drummer Boy
This historically accurate story is based on an old English folk song and is set during the Napoleonic Wars. It is more drama than funny and is a bit sad too.
35 mins
Words: 7164
Read Time: 35 mins